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How the Grinch stole Christmas and featured some Fort Worth locations while he was at it

The Grinch is on the loose, and he’s in downtown Fort Worth.

Actually, it’s Fort Worth filmmaker CJ Clements, who along with his daughter, Paisley, star in “Cindy Lou Who vs. The Grinch 2018.” It’s a sweet takeoff on the Grinch that features several Fort Worth locations as the Grinch makes a getaway (but he’s not match for this tough little Cindy Lou).

“Paisley and I love to make videos together,” Clements said in a Facebook Messenger exchange. “We both have YouTube channels. I use mine to enter short film festivals and since I’ve always been a Fort Worth kid that’s kind of where most of videos take place in. Especially since there’s so much cool art and style to this city.”

The video features locations such as the AMC Palace theater downtown, the Fire Station No. 1 building (also downtown), a quick glimpse of Bass Hall and the Man with a Briefcase sculpture in Burnett Park, the West 7th Street Bridge over the Trinity (where the Grinch makes a daredevil move) and The Modern Lights at the Modern Ar Museum of Fort Worth.

“My daughter wanted to make a Christmas movie so we put our head together and with the help of a friend of ours, Keith, this is what we came up with,” Clements says. Keith is Keith Tiner, another local filmmaker who did the camerawork; Clements stresses that “wonderful wife Gabi did our makeup and hair, ha, I can’t forget to mention her.”

A few months ago, the Fort Worth Film Commission featured Clements in a Facebook video. There’s not a lot to the video itself (although Great Harvest Baking Co. on Magnolia Avenue gets a plug), but in the accompanying text, Clements says:

“Fort Worth has become a haven for artists of all types. You can go anywhere in town and see a photographer taking pictures, hear live music from restaurants, or go to a different event every weekend. Art is so encouraged by everyone here.”

To check out Clements’ YouTube channel (which has other Fort Worth videos and more), go here.

Robert Philpot has been a features reporter for the Star-Telegram since October 1992, and currently covers the Tarrant County (and sometimes more) restaurant scene. He also writes general-entertainment stories and features about DFW TV and radio personalities.