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Texas lawyer ads: The five best (or worst)

Bryan Wilson shooting a scene running down the middle of Exchange Avenue in Fort Worth.
Bryan Wilson shooting a scene running down the middle of Exchange Avenue in Fort Worth. Star-Telegram

Fort Worth’s Bryan Wilson, The Texas Law Hawk, is certainly not the first Lone Star lawyer to slip on a tough-sounding name and star in an outrageous commercial. He’s just the best of the bunch.

But here are few other Texas attorneys who have taken to the airwaves (or internet) to make their case. A few are so bad they’re good; I think even they’d stipulate to that. But others, like the Law Hawk, are just plain brilliant. Case closed.

No. 5: Brian Loncar, The Strong Arm: The Dallas personal injury lawyer has been flexing his muscle against insurance companies for years in Texas. A self-proclaimed, square-jawed legal superhero, Loncar stars in a series of ads, but one of the best is one from 2013 and features a Strong Arm signal illuminated over a fair cityscape, a la Batman. Save us, Strong Arm.

No. 4: Adam Reposa, an Austin criminal defense attorney, sports an awesome mustache and black cowboy hat in this 2012 ad that warns anyone who’ll listen: I AM A LAWYER! DON’T GET IN MY WAAYYY! That goes double for prosecutors.

No. 3: Jim Adler, The Texas Hammer. The Houston-based Hammer has been making TV ads since the 1980s and now has offices all over Texas. So they must’ve worked. One of his most famous spots features him atop of an 18-wheeler shouting about how much money he got for his client. The Hammer’s ads have bravado, they’re bilingual, and now he’s even got back up: Bill Adler, is following in his dad’s scenery-chewing footsteps. Just call him The Baby Hammer.

No. 2: Pete Reid, an Austin real estate/business lawyer, nearly unseated the Law Hawk in our rankings with his clever ad that debuted in 2012. In it, the nerdy looking counselor proves he’s “The One for You” by doing, um, everything: he solves a Rubik’s Cube, cuts hair, rescues a drowning man, snares a purse snatcher, checkmates three chess opponents at once and pulls off an awesome bicycle kick on the soccer field. When he rests his case, he truly deserves a rest.

No. 1: Bryan Wilson, The Texas Law Hawk, is No. 1 in our hearts and on YouTube. The criminal defense attorney’s Oct. 2015 ad has more than 1.8 million views and features everything from minibike stunts and lucha libre masks to Wilson bursting through fake windows and busting up a carboard breathalyzer machine. The fresh-faced Wilson hollers great one-liners like “talons of justice,” all while running through the Fort Worth Stockyards. We never get tired of watching him and can’t wait for the Christmas-themed ad expected to drop Nov. 27.

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