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Report outlines the embarrassing Dez Bryant rules

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant (88) is embroiled in (another) legal fight with a former advisor.
Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant (88) is embroiled in (another) legal fight with a former advisor.

The Dallas Cowboys have forever been reticent to outline what extra measures they provide (force?) their “at risk” players, but now we know what we all suspected since Day 1 - they don’t trust Dez Bryant. Or they didn’t.

They likely still don’t. Or they aren’t 100 percent sure.

Dez is currently in a prolonged legal fight with his former adviser, Senator Royce West of Dallas. You are not going to believe this, but apparently this fight comes down to money - the particulars of which are outlined in this report by Pro Football Talk.

Both Dez and West, who is an attorney, were once on the same team. West represented Dez when he was involved in a domestic dispute with his mother back in 2012.

The one detail provided in the report is the many steps taken to protect Dez Bryant from himself, and his friends. It was called a “security detail and consultant agreement.”

Much like secretaries are now called “executive assistants,” baby sitters are now “consultants.”

Per information provided by West, Dez Bryant consented with the Cowboys to have a midnight curfew. He also agreed to avoid clubs, strip clubs and parties. And Dez was also cool with drug and alcohol testing.

This is why not all coaches treat their players like men, because so many will behave like boys.

West says that a three-man security detail was provided to, essentially, run interference from whomever was trying to get into Dez’s wallet as well as drive him to the Cowboys’ practice facility and games. That security team was paid about $17,000 per month.

Exactly who paid for all of this is unclear - it may have been Dez. And all of this information is provided by West in legal documents, none from Bryant’s lawyers.

It potentially could all be a load, but considering the player in question it is plausible. West has worked with previous Cowboys, most notably Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin.

What should be assumed is that the Cowboys were well aware of these stipulations, and may have helped cover some of the expenses. They have assigned “help” to players in the past, including former cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones.

None of this is terribly surprising considering that when Dez came out of Oklahoma State the single biggest concern was off-the-field behaviors. It was the reason he was not selected in the first 20 picks of the first round.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, of course, took the risk and assumed the responsibility of trying to keep Dez in line. It’s mostly worked, but not without noise and some drama. Coaches call them “distractions.”

The sad, yet predictable, part is that the people Dez surrounded himself with - men like West and former adviser Mike Wells - have in recent years been more problems than solutions.

This is what often happens - in their effort to be close to the cash, advisers want their cut. Relationships get fractured, money is turned off, lawyers are called and accusations are made.

It’s 2016 and chances are good there are no more Dez Bryant Rules, but the Cowboys are likely always looking at Eight-Eight just to be sure the noise doesn’t become a distraction.

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