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Big Mac Blog travel review: “Skyslide” over too fast

A happy customer completes his ride on “Skyslide” at the top of the U.S Bank tower in downtown Los Angeles.
A happy customer completes his ride on “Skyslide” at the top of the U.S Bank tower in downtown Los Angeles. Star-Telegram

The building is the tallest in the U.S. west of the Mississippi River, and it was made famous when the aliens blew it up during “Independence Day” in 1996. If you remember, that was not a good day for L.A.

The U.S. Bank Tower offers the highest point in Los Angeles that, next to the Griffith Observatory, offers the best views of SoCal’s smog, the Pacific Ocean and the Hollywood sign, among other famous locales.

Not content with its wonderful observation deck that is 1,000 feet high, the tower recently opened the highly anticipated “Skyslide” on the 70th floor.

It’s an enclosed glass one-story slide that offers an incredible, breath-taking ride that is just over all too fast. Skyspace is a cool ride that needs one more story for the thrill-seeker. The ride is 45-feet and while it’s fun, just as you get going to enjoy the “thrill” of the ride it’s over.

Patrons sit on a mat, and provided you look to your left you enjoy an incredible view of the city as you slide down.

“Skyslide” is an engineering marvel. The real triumph is not the ride but the fact the designers pulled this off - it’s a slide at the top of a skyscraper. To install the slide required a helicopter airlift.

The glass is only 1 1/4 inches thick, and it allows you to “hang” over the edge of a tall building. It’s not that different from the Grand Canyon’s Skywalk, or the Skydeck at the Willis Tower in Chicago. The difference with “Skyslide” is that drop down a single story onto a giant mat.

Two stories may have been too long. You start picking up serious speed just as the ride ends. Already one customer is suing Skyslide after she broke her ankle.

While it is a fun ride, it ain’t cheap. You have to pay to park, admission to the observation deck costs $25 and the ride is an additional $8. That’s an expensive slide, but the price is still cheaper than a ride up to the top of The Empire State Building.

Should Skyslide be on the top of your To Do list in L.A.? No, but it’s if you are in the immediate vicinity of downtown L.A. it’s worth the trip.