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Big Mac Blog Movie Review: “Jason Bourne” Scores

Matt Damon, who remains in denial as to “who he really is,” returns as the title character in the new film “Jason Bourne.” (Universal Pictures/TNS)
Matt Damon, who remains in denial as to “who he really is,” returns as the title character in the new film “Jason Bourne.” (Universal Pictures/TNS) TNS

Jason Bourne knows too much, he remembers multiple languages and how to handle sophisticated weapons, but he just can’t remember who his own identity. That’s not a bad trade.

Matt Damon has returned as our favorite forgetful ex-CIA operative who is trying to figure out his past while avoiding the government that is trying to kill him, or bring him in.

A dog of a summer movie season will receive a necessary shot of “That’s Bad A--!” with the new “Jason Bourne” movie that opens this week.

The last time we saw Bourne he was going for a swim in the East River in New York City after he was almost shot at the end of “The Bourne Ultimatum.” Now he’s back in search of more box office success, and this time he remembers everything ... except for the stuff he forgets.

The story: The movie opens with Bourne living “off the grid” in Greece participating in a form of human cock fighting to make ends meet. It’s not that much different than John Rambo at the start of Rambo III.

Bourne’s past finds him in the form of Nikki Parsons (Julia Stiles), and then all hell breaks loose all over the world. We learn almost immediately there is a potential security breach that could “be worse than Snowden.”

That’s not good.

The Evil U.S. Govt. Leader in Charge of A Black Ops Program That Kills Innocents and Violates Our Privacy - CIA Director Robert Dewey (Tommy Lee Jones) - wants to satiate a young, idealistic operative (Alicia Vikander) while killing off the Man Who Cannot Be Killed.

Dewey employs another operative, who simply goes by the name of “Asset” (Vincent Cassel), to kill Bourne only these two have a history that involves Jason’s dad. Once you bring family into it things change.

Dewey is also trying to run a computer program with a young, powerful programmer/developer that will allow the Govt. to penetrate pretty much all of our computers and phones. These are major issues that must be stopped.

Action: That’s why you are here. Director Paul Greengrass does tight, chaotic, claustrophobic action as well as any filmmaker. From riots in Athens to a setup in London to the climax in Las Vegas, the action sequences in “Jason Bourne” meet the standard set from the previous three Damon/Bourne movies.

Damon put himself through a rigorous training regimen to return to this role and he looks convincing as a man who can kill people with a single stare, or the use of a ballpoint pen to the eye. And Cassel is good as another quiet killer.

The car chase in “Jason Bourne” on The Strip in Las Vegas is as good as the car sequence through Moscow in “The Bourne Supremacy.”

Is it Bourne Worthy: The franchise, which began with the “Bourne Identity” in 2002, established a wounded hero in search of his identity on the run who manages to stay one step ahead of the entire intelligence community via cool chases and slick action.

It’s all wonderfully silly-believable.

“Jason Bourne” adds a few new layers to Bourne’s back story while relying on the comfortable patterns and vehicles as the previous three movies.

They are all basically the same movie - a 2-hour chase. You have seen it before, but - who cares? That doesn’t stop us from going to see the new James Bond.

Theater or DVD: Theater. “Jason Bourne” combines enough new elements with your favorite reliable action scenes to warrant full price. And, yes, there is just enough room to potentially add another chapter ... I hope.