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Canelo v. Triple G at AT&T won’t be this fall

Canelo Alvarez, left in a fight against Miguel Cotto in 2015, will not be fighting Triple G at AT&T Stadium in the fall of 2016.
Canelo Alvarez, left in a fight against Miguel Cotto in 2015, will not be fighting Triple G at AT&T Stadium in the fall of 2016. AP

The Arlington Police department had been told to expect a major event for AT&T Stadium on the weekend of September 16 to 18, but that may be needless now.

Jerry Jones’ well-intentioned effort to land boxing’s next big fight may well eventually pan out, but Canelo Alvarez fighting Triple G (Gennady Golovkin) this fall at AT&T Stadium, or anywhere else, will not be happening.

Per long time ESPN boxing writer Dan Rafael, Canelo/Triple G is off until the fall of 2017 - at the earliest; click here for the story.

This is why most boxing fans want to punch boxing in the face - it has the chance for an international showcase event but instead refuses to cooperate.

Instead, at least for the next year, fight fans will be handed a plate of Canelo v. Bum and Triple G v. Spare. When the NFL has the Super Bowl, it put the Broncos against the Panthers not the Broncos versus the Redskins.

Canelo will still fight one more time this fall, and he likes to fight in Texas because it borders his native country. In theory, Jerry could still land a Canelo fight this fall. It just won’t be Canelo/Triple G.

The hope had been that the Mexican-born Canelo would fight Triple G in September in what would be the biggest fight since Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao stole our money in 2015.

Canelo has repeatedly said he will fight anybody, anywhere but even that has parameters. Alvarez’s promoters, which include Oscar De La Hoya, want to drag this process out a bit longer to build the suspense, not to mention the chance to increase the pay-per-view price and pay-for-view buys.

The two sides had agreed to a deal, and more importantly a catchweight; Alvarez reportedly wants his opponents to fight at 155 pounds. But with more time it will allow Canelo, 25, to build up to a 160 pounds for a middleweight title bout.

There is no obvious fighter who is a threat to derail a monster Canelo-Triple G bout in 2017, but it’s boxing - all it takes is one swing and the Fight of the Century and the giant payday for both camps goes to the cat box. Canelo will be in his prime for several more years but Triple G is 34.

This decision leaves JerryWorld empty for a weekend that has the Cowboys’ scheduled to play in Washington D.C.

He has made it no secret he wants big events at his second home and thus far he has had two fights there - both Manny Pacquiao bouts that were well attended in 2010 and ‘11.

Las Vegas is normally the preferred destination of fighters, but Jerry has a relationship with De La Hoya and it’s hard to see that he won’t get this fight. He may still land a Canelo fight in ‘16, it’s just not the fight we all want.

Why? Because boxing.