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A new Baylor victim comes forward, which should mean an end of the football assistants

Former Baylor coed Dolores Lozano has come forward with her story of being assaulted by a member of the Baylor football team.
Former Baylor coed Dolores Lozano has come forward with her story of being assaulted by a member of the Baylor football team. Twitter

Baylor acting football coach Jim Grobe said he has the power to change his assistants and with that opportunity he should dismiss the remaining members of the Bears’ coaching staff.

To keep them is going to require more explaining than it is worth to himself and all of Baylor University.

There is no way Baylor can retain the remaining members of Art Briles’ staff after yet another disgusting piece of news was dropped today.

As has been rumored for weeks, another victim has come forward to share her tale of assault by a member of the Baylor football team.

Veteran college football reporter Joe Schad has the disgusting details involving the alleged assault of former Baylor coed Dolores Lozano by former Baylor running back Devin Chafin in March and April of 2014. Click here for Schad’s report on his Facebook wall.

She said that then head football coach Art Briles knew of the assaults as did assistant coach Jeff Lebby. Chafin rushed for more than 100 yards in Baylor’s game against TCU in 2015.

Per Schad’s report, Lozano said she was slapped, kicked, slammed against a wall and against a car by Chafin in 2014. Lozano said she first reported the incident to Chafin’s mother and Lebby.

Lozano said Chafin’s mother urged her not to go to the police. Other Baylor officials, per Lozano, knew about these incidents including Baylor chaplain Wes Yaery and other counselors at the school.

Also in the know was Art Briles, who per this report told his running back to stay away from Lozano. According the timeline outlined in this report, Chafin remained on the team without penalty.

Chafin was, however, recently kicked off the team after he had been arrested and charged with possession of weed.


This report is another confirmation of what so many suspect that the vast majority of Baylor football coaches knew of many allegations against certain team members and little to nothing was done about it. Or not until they smoked grass - that is one bridge too far.

After Briles was fired, two other assistants were dismissed. The rest have remained on staff, including offensive coordinator Kendal Briles and Lebby, who is Briles’ son-in-law.

It is Grobe’s preference to keep this staff as intact as possible for the obvious reason that it helps maintain some level of continuity for the team. It is also June, and any decent coach is under contract for the 2016 season.

With this most recent report it will be increasingly difficult for Grobe to keep his inherited assistants on the sidelines. To do so would be to willingly keep multiple links to this scandal on the field as the school is trying to distance itself from it.

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