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Expect Jerry Jones to land Canelo and Triple G at AT&T Stadium

Canelo Alvarez, here celebrating his defeat of Amir Khan on Saturday in Las Vegas, is headed for an eagerly awaited fight against Triple G - likely at AT& Stadium. (AP Photo/John Locher)
Canelo Alvarez, here celebrating his defeat of Amir Khan on Saturday in Las Vegas, is headed for an eagerly awaited fight against Triple G - likely at AT& Stadium. (AP Photo/John Locher) AP

The general manager of the Dallas Cowboys has been working the phones to bring another premier event to his second home, AT&T Stadium.

Jerry Jones is actively trying to convince the pride of Mexico, Canelo Alvarez, to come to AT&T Stadium for what would be a major fight in the fall against middle weight contender Triple G - Gennady Golovkin.

Barring a last-second pitch from Las Vegas promoters, and assuming that “the people” who represent Canelo and Triple G can find an agreement on the cash - all enormous IFs - AT&T Stadium should be hosting its third fight in the fall. Both sides are receptive to Jerry, and few have ever said “No” to Salesman Jerry.

A likely date is the weekend of Sept. 17/18 - when the Cowboys are on the road against the Washington Redskins.

Jerry was spotted in Las Vegas over the weekend as he took in Canelo’s knockout win against Amir Khan. Jones has been trying to land another fight for years but has not been able to find the right matchup to justify opening the doors.

UFC President Dana White has wanted to do a mega UFC event at AT&T Stadium but he has not had the right card to make the pitch.

AT&T Stadium is a pricey place to operate. Only big crowds need apply. Canelo v. Triple G would be a big crowd.

Triple G is 35-0 with 32 knockouts. Alvarez 47-1-1 with 33 KOs. Canelo’s only loss is to Floyd Mayweather.

Immediately after Alvarez defeated Amir Khan on Saturday, Triple G Tweeted, “Big respect to all fighters tonight. I am ready, @Canelo. #CaneloKhan”

That fight drew about 16,500. A fight at AT&T Stadium would draw well over 50,000. With Alvarez’s popularity soaring in Mexico, he could generate more than 80,000 for a big date.

Alvarez said after the fight, “I fear no one in this sport. I'll fight him right now. Let's put the gloves on and get in there with him.”

Settle down there, little guy.

Canelo is a junior middle weight and GGG is a middleweight. These two little big men need to agree on a weight before anything else. Canelo said he would fight at 160 pounds, which if his management team permits there is a window for an agreement - a chance to find a middle ground.

The question is if the respective management teams want to do this fight right now, or let the suspense build while their guys beat the hell out of a slew of bums - the way Manny Pacquiao and Floyd did for years before they agreed to meet at the end for one last big check.

A Canelo/Triple G fight is boxing’s biggest potential date going, which is why Jerry is leaning on Canelo’s promoter - Oscar De La Hoya - to do it now.

Jerry and AT&T have hosted two fights before, both Manny Pacquiao bouts. Manny defeated Josh Clottey back in 2010 and Antonio Margarito in 2011.

Jerry tried to attract Floyd Mayweather to have his “Worst Fight of the Century” against Pacman at AT&T Stadium. Floyd was only going to fight in Vegas.

Jerry has a relationship with Pacman and his promoter, Bob Arum. Any thought of a Pacman/Mayweather II happening all but died recently. Pacquiao looks as if he will be elected to a Senate seat in his native Philippines, which would likely mean he will eventually run for President. You read that right.

Mayweather is hinting at coming out of retirement to improve his career record to 50-0 but it’s no secret he will not leave Vegas to fight (a man).

All of this has left boxing with Canelo and Triple G as its biggest names. They say they want to fight, they just need a weight and a destination.

If Jerry has his way, it will happen in September at his second home.