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TCU Showgirls cry foul over Texas Tech “Watergate” treatment

It is universally agreed that our children are our greatest natural resources, especially the attractive blonde ones.

During TCU’s home baseball series against Texas Tech this weekend things got a little chippy between the Red Raiders baseball players and ... the TCU Showgirls.

Even if this is funny it’s apparently not a joke. At least not to the Big 12, which is “investigating” the Red Raiders/TCU Showgirls recent throwdown at Lupton Stadium.

The dance team has, for years, performed on the opponent’s side of the field.

Early during TCU’s three-game baseball series against Texas Tech in Fort Worth over the weekend, several of the TCU dancers complained that the Red Raider players were doing unflattering things to the dance team, like throwing water and dirt at them.

Guys tease the girls they like but this is taking that formula a bit too far. These are TCU girls - try jewelry first.

One TCU official said there is videotape that suggests, conclusively, the Texas Tech players were deliberate in their actions. The TCU official said, “It was obvious.”

Another TCU official said, “It was pretty bad. As bad as anything I’ve ever seen.”

The Big 12 is currently meeting and it’s expected the tape will be reviewed by officials. As to what will come of it, expect nothing.

Texas Tech head coach Tim Tadlock denied his players deliberately did anything malicious.

“I have been told that we have been accused of deliberately throwing dirt and water. There is no dirt anywhere near that dugout,” Tadlock said in a phone interview. “They didn’t throw water at anybody.”

The “exchanges” between the two sides grew so uncomfortable that the TCU Showgirls were relocated to the TCU side of the field, thus ending this crisis before it exploded into Iran/Isreal.

On Sunday, TCU Showgirl Katie Josephine Tweeted “@TTU_Baseball when the TCU Showgirls have to dance in front of home dugout bc tech players are so disrespectful and spray water/throw dirt.”


She apparently was not performing but was at the game. Josephine caught hell for it on social media. She has since changed her Twitter status to “Private.”

Why anybody felt the need to attack this girl for any reason at all is beyond pathetic.

Tadlock explained that the “water throwing” as a ritual began during an offseason team meeting at his home. He likened his team to a tree that needs watering, so they toss small cups of water in the dugout at each other, or on the field, as a rallying point.

“(The ritual) was something that we really didn’t want public but it’s fine,” he said. “It’s just something we do between innings. We were playing at Florida State and I was in the dugout and I said, ‘Water the tree,’ I threw some water and we scored some runs. So I did it again.”

Tadlock was complimentary of TCU’s baseball facilities and the atmosphere at Lupton Stadium. As to the inclusion of Showgirls for a baseball game, he said, “It’s fine.”

“One of our batters said TCU’s catcher said to him, ‘That’s a trap,’” Tadlock said.

He added, “If I needed to apologize I would. We want to be respectful.”

This would not be the first time a team used pretty girls to distract an opponent. During the Magic Johnson era of the Los Angeles Lakers, the Laker girls were known to be a distraction to visiting teams. Cheerleaders and dance teams are a part of the sports show everywhere.

A number of the Showgirls have privately complained about cheering at baseball games because of the proximity. At least in football or in basketball, there are railings, or a greater distance, to provide buffers between the performer and patron. There is little space between the girls and the fans at a baseball game. It borders on awkward.

If the Big 12 can find conclusively that the Tech players were deliberately throwing anything at these young women, an admonishment is warranted. No team can be responsible for bad behavior by its fans, but players is a different matter. Tadlock, even if he does not want to, will have to drop the hammer.

Tadlock’s explanation holds, well ... water. So too does the idea that young men in close proximity to pretty girls might toss some water at them. Why? Because young guys are inherently stupid. So are older guys.

There is not much the Big 12 can do about this but look at the videotape, draw conclusions and render a judgment. If the league thinks Texas Tech players were in the wrong, tell them to shut up and knock it off.

If not, everyone needs to lighten up and play ball.