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Video: Dez Bryant’s “The Catch?” ruling full of contradictions

Bottom line: Dez Bryant caught this pass and had it for three steps.
Bottom line: Dez Bryant caught this pass and had it for three steps. Star-Telegram

About 24 hours later, Dez Bryant still caught that ball.

Before proceeding with this well deserved rant, the NFL referees could have upheld Bryant’s fourth-quarter catch and the Dallas Cowboys could have taken the lead over the Green Bay Packers late in the fourth quarter of the NFC’s divisional playoff game and still lost. The Cowboys’ defense was not exactly slowing down a one-legged Aaron Rodgers.

But in reviewing the most controversial call of the entire 2014 NFL season, it is apparent the referees enforced a dumb, and contradictory, rule to the letter. As Bryant pleaded with us media after the game on Sunday, this is a rule that needs to be changed. Take it a step further, if it’s not changed than other rules should be changed as well.

I am saying this not because I cover this team, or because Dez is a nice guy. This rule puts NFL refs in a Catch-22.

The NFL ruled that Dez did not complete a football move ... whatever in God’s name that means, hence the reason the ref’s reversed their original decision to give the Cowboys’ first and goal from the 1-yard line.

If that is the case, then ...

A.) Dez Bryant clearly had possession of the football for three steps. At that point had Green Bay Packers cornerback Sam Shields forced the ball out of Bryant’s hands, it would have been a fumble and a live ball.

B.) Dez Byrant clearly had possession for three steps before the ball came out via something that technically cannot cause a fumble - the ground.

C.) If anything, it should have been a fumble that Dez Bryant recovered.

But because the NFL has some vague language in this particular ruling about catching the ball and then coming up with it, Dez Bryant did complete what would was an amazing football play, but just not a football move.

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