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Raise the white flag on Johnny Dummy and the green flag on RGIII

Former Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel, here during better times at a Texas Rangers game, is likely going to be cut by the Cleveland Browns soon.
Former Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel, here during better times at a Texas Rangers game, is likely going to be cut by the Cleveland Browns soon. Star-Telegram

Signs that something in your life has gone horribly wrong – a police helicopter is looking for you.

For commoners, that’s the type of detail we leave out during the 20-year high school reunion.

For our favorite ex-Texas A&M Aggies quarterback, this is a Tuesday afternoon.

In the latest episode of Johnny Gone Wild, Johnny Train Wreck was a person of interest to the Fort Worth cops to the point the po-po need a chopper to find the Swag Copter’s former meal ticket.

It would appear that his relationship with a TCU undergrad is to be not going great. There are reports that the NFL is exploring the most recent incident involved domestic violence.

Whatever the specifics are no longer matter and I have changed my mind on whether the Dallas Cowboys should bring Johnny Manziel to backup Tony Romo as the No. 2 quarterback - DO NOT DO IT.

Johnny is “gone” and the Cowboys, if they insist, would be better off to bring in the other Texan who the Heisman Trophy.

I would rather a rookie but RGIII, welcome home.

Troy Aikman recently predicted that the Cowboys would bring in either Manziel or Robert Griffin III as the backup for 2016 after their respective teams cut them.

Cleveland Browns new head coach Hue Jackson has strongly hinted that the team is ready to flush John Football down their john.

Washington Redskins owner Daniel Synder is the only man in D.C. who wants to keep RGIII around; Danny Boy has white-flagged that since his mediocre Kirk “Do You Like That” Cousins led his mediocre team to a mediocre NFC East division title and a blowout playoff loss.

Both RGIII and JFF are former first round picks who have more baggage than a Kardashian entourage. Both RGIII and JFF are going to soon be available.

Nobody loves “stars” and stories more than our Jerry Jones, and the chance to kick the tires on two previously highly thought quarterbacks for free makes plenty of football sense.

When Austin’s favorite part-time resident appeared to “get it” back in November when he was handed the keys to the Browns, and actually played some decent ball, I was all in to bring him to the Cowboys – as long as that move required nothing in exchange.

After watching Manziel shoot himself in the face by going to Vegas during the season and trying to lie about it, blowing off treatment with the Browns and now this latest incident it’s apparent he is just a stupid young man with no concept of consequences.

When he played at A&M, he could party it up in Austin while “taking on line courses” because he was of value. As an NFL QB, he has virtually no value.

The Browns are desperate for a quarterback and they are preparing to say “Get out” to a guy they spent a first round draft pick on to acquire. Not drug use, not domestic violence, not DWIs is more of a red flag on a player than when a team that needs his talents will flush the person for nothing.

Jerry will have no problem with any of it because he thinks talent trumps trouble every time. It worked with Charles Haley. If the Cowboys sign Johnny Stupid, it will be a sign that Jerry is running the room on that decision and Jason Garrett’s puppet strings are functioning properly.

RGIII is a diva with a laundry list of stories floating from our nation’s capital, but he is not in the same league as Johnny when it comes to stupid. Reportedly Griffin is not well liked by teammates and he did not play a snap this season when he was demoted all the way down to No. 3 on the depth chart.

Injuries have likely robbed RGIII of what made him so special at Baylor and in his first season in the NFL. There is concern that he simply is not an NFL pocket passer, and without his ability to run and move he’s not much use as a starter.

That may be the case, but he is only 25 and the baggage attached to his body is not nearly as heavy as that luggage that covers John Football. RGIII is a long shot, but if he’s free take a look.

Jerry, if you insist, take RGIII and don’t return Johnny’s calls.