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Video: Can a middle aged white guy make the Lambeau Leap

Making the Lambeau Leap is not nearly as easy as it looks.
Making the Lambeau Leap is not nearly as easy as it looks. Star-Telegram

Scientists for decades have asked the following - can a middle aged white guy successfully execute The Lambeau Leap?

In the past however many years, members of the Green Bay Packers have celebrated touchdowns by running out of the back of the endzone and jumping into the stands at Lambeau Field to be adored and loved by the Packer faithful. It is one thing for Desmond Howard, Eddy Lacy or Jordy Nelson to do this, and quite another for a middle aged Pulitzer prize winning* writer to make it to the top of the wall.

In an effort to not only pay it forward but give back to the community, I planned to make the Lambeau Leap. Green Bay Packers rookie defensive back Demetri Goodson, who played his college ball at Baylor, provided some tips.

“I went out the first time I got here and I didn’t realize how big the wall is,” Goodson said.

Amen sir. Upon inspection, taking the Lambeau Leap is not easy. The wall that encircles the Frozen Tundra is quite high, even for a guy who has crazy ups such as myself.

“When you go up there, you really, really have to jump,” Goodson said. “A lot of people get crap for not making it, but if you just ran and scored a touchdown and you are tired, and you are not expecting that leap to be that high - it’s tough.”

Does he think I could make it?

“Uhhh ... I feel like if you make it, you’ll have to pull yourself up,” he said.

No kidding.

“But you can do it?” he said. “You look like a pretty athletic guy.”

The man knows talent.

Did I make it? Watch to find out ...

BTW ... there are rumors that this may not have been the only take.

(* Mac Engel has never won the Pulitzer Prize ... although this might.)

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