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When a celebrity asks you to take a selfie

Sally Struthers insisted on taking a selfie.
Sally Struthers insisted on taking a selfie.

- In the spirit of Look At Me “Journalism”, this story has to be shared.

Roughly two hours before kickoff between Florida State and Oregon in the Giant Corporate Sellout Rose Bowl, I was working my tail off for my craft. I was asking fans of the two teams here if they would go to Arlington, Texas next week for the College Football National championship game.

I approached a pair of middle-aged women wearing Oregon gear, and was intently listening to one when her friend said, “Or you could interview me.

“I’m Sally Struthers.”

Oh my God ... it is Sally Struthers! It’s SALLY STRUTHERS! You’re ... uhh ... so ... what’s the word? Just ... wow ... you’re Sally Struthers!

The actress, who made it big 432 years ago in “All in the Family”, is 67 and still working. According to her page on IMDB, she is still getting a lot of gigs and cashing checks.

“Yep - television and theatre,” she said.

Like you, I can only see Sally Struthers crying in those commercials to save kids, or dogs, or pet rocks ... or something. I think. Back in the day, long before I was born, when Sally Struthers was in her prime and winning Emmy Awards, she had a serious fastball. Today, anybody working in Hollywood at 67 is nothing short of heroic.

What are you doing at the Rose Bowl?

“I’m from Oregon,” she said. “It’s pretty exciting to see this.”

For the record - Ms. Struthers will not be going to Arlington and Jerry World if her Ducks make it to the title game. But for this game she had her hair tinted with some red.

“This is my Happy Hair and I have my Happy Purse,” she said.

I wanted a picture, and she insisted on a selfie. That’s right - Sally Struthers insisted on a selfie. Why?

“You’re handsome,” she said.

She’s not wrong. I was named the Hottest Man in America (something very close to it) by Fort Worth Weekly.

One day in and I won 2015.

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