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Big Mac Blog vs. Food: Eating Lambeau Field’s “Horse Collar”

The famous “Horse Collar” at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisc.
The famous “Horse Collar” at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisc.

Science will later prove the best way to weight loss and or improved condition is not a high-fiber diet or a pointless workout plan, but rather to plow through calories. All things come in cycles, and eventually a scientist will demonstrate on lab rat testing that the best way is not to avoid high calorie, or fatty foods, but rather to go through them.

In an effort to prove this plan works, I ventured into the concourse at legendary Lambeau Field to enjoy some of the famous culinary delights offered only here. Tops on the list? The Horse Collar.

This dish is named after the illegal hit that former Cowboys safety Roy Williams made famous when he nearly ended then Eagles receiver Terrell Owens’ season in 2004, but this is much better than that.

“The Horse Collar” is a 22-inch kielbasa that is made here at Lambeau. It’s served in a roll that is in the same shape as the horse collar shaped kielbasa. The sausage is covered in beer cheese, and fried sauerkraut. Regular sauerkraut is not enough; it has to be deep fried.

Grilled Onions and mustard are optional, and highly encouraged.

The “Horse Collar” costs $20, and it is made with the idea that two people will eat it.

How much of the “Horse Collar” did I eat? That’s none of your business, but I am sincerely happy you care enough to ask.

This doesn’t taste too much different than any other kielbasa, but there is a trick to enjoying this - scrap the bread.

The bread, or Hoagie, that encases most of the sausage is plain, fluffy and not particularly good white bread. Eliminate the bread, or just cut it into small pieces to avoid taking up any more room in the stomach region than necessary. The star of this meal is not the bread but the sausage and the flavors of the cheese, mustard, sauerkraut and onions. That combination is a lethal delight of calories.

As to whether eating the Horse Collar works for weight loss or improved physical condition, the early results are inconclusive but encouraging.