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The Cowboys hope to draw praise from Colts’ quarterback Andrew Luck

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has acquired a reputation as a trash talker.
Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has acquired a reputation as a trash talker. AP

IRVING, Texas - Blame a distinct lack of original thought and or creativity to simply follow the lead of this Wall Street Journal article that says Indianapolis Colts' quarterback Andrew Luck is a supreme trash talker.

If you have ever met Luck, or heard his sound bites from games, you will quickly learn he is polite and humble to a fault. That his form of trash talking is to kill 'em with kindness.

This is the guy on the playground basketball court who congratulates the guy after he dunks in his own face.

In that article, player after player have stories about Luck's legendary kindness and decency to his opponents. He will congratulate defenders after they sack him. And it's sincere. He is just a nice guy.

I asked Luck, whose Indianapolis Colts played the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday at JerryWorld, if he is a trash talker.

“I don't know if it's trash talking,” Luck said when I asked him if it's sincere on a conference call. “I generally keep my mouth shut. I think every since I played any type of organized sports I've always gone into games with a respect for the other guys and other players. I guess that is a part of my personality.”

It really helps Luck is 6-foot-4, 240 pounds. The man can take, and deliver, a hit in a way few quarterbacks can. It also helps his dad is former NFL QB Oliver Luck, who showed his son there is a certain way to play.

I asked Colts coach Chuck Pagano if his QB is actually a trash talker, and what followed was a few seconds of laughter.

“I don't think so - you guys have read the same stuff that I've read,” Pagano said. “No. He doesn't talk any trash. I guess he has his little spin on things and he plays the game and communicates with opponents and teammates. It's kinda unique. I guess it's Andrew being Andrew.”


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