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History says Mavericks can acquire Celtics’ Rajon Rondo

The Celtics are dangling point guard Rajon Rondo to the highest bidder.
The Celtics are dangling point guard Rajon Rondo to the highest bidder. AP

The Boston Celtics have been trying to trade point guard Rajon Rondo for years, and now the Dallas Mavericks are the latest to dip their toe into this scenario.


The Mavs need a point guard, a perimeter defender, and Rondo is one of the best.

According to veteran NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski, the Mavericks have/are discussing a potential deal to bring the All-Star guard to Mark Cuban's toy. Celtics GM Danny Ainge has been dangling Rondo for more than a year as he is trying to rebuild Boston's team into something more than a giant green loser.

On paper, the Mavericks do not have enough to offer Ainge to acquire Rondo, but ... history says Mavs GM Donnie Nelson can pull one over on Ainge.

Rondo, 28, can be a free agent next summer. He averages 8.3 points, 7.5 rebounds and 10.8 assists per game this season. The Celtics are 9-14 this season, and would not be a playoff team in the God-awful Eastern Conference.

Expect the Mavericks to have to offer up first round draft picks - which they never, ever use - center Brandan Wright (8.8 ppg., 4.1 rpg. 1.6 bpg.), and likely some combination of guards Jameer Nelson, J.J. Barea, Raymond Felton, etc.

The question is not the willingness of the Mavs to do this, but rather do they have enough for Ainge to move his most valuable commodity (other than coach Brad Stevens)? No.

But ... there is history that says the Mavs can wrong the Celtics.

On Oct. 2003, the Mavs dealt Raef LaFrentz, Chris Mills, Jiri Welsch, a first round pick to the Celtics for Tony Delk and Antoine Walker. Now, all of these players made no impact on these respective teams, but the triumph is that Mavs could deal LaFrentz in the first place.

In July of '02, the Mavs - for some reason - signed LaFrentz to a seven-year, $67 million contract. It was one of the worst contracts in the history of the franchise, and it appeared to be all but un-tradeable.

That Nelson was able to convince the Celtics to take LaFrentz and that awful deal remains one of the greatest achievements in FW/d sports history.

Acquiring Rondo from the Celtics, given what the Mavs have to offer, seems like a reach.

But it is no less of a reach than was trading Raef LaFrentz.


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