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NFL scout says Canada is perfect place for this Horned Frog

TCU Horned Frogs quarterback Trevone Boykin’s brilliant career is coming to a close.
TCU Horned Frogs quarterback Trevone Boykin’s brilliant career is coming to a close. Star-Telegram

After what feels like a decade, Trevone Boykin’s brilliant college career is actually almost over. The same for wide receiver Josh Doctson, whose career may actually be over but his head coach is not saying anything in regards to his arm/wrist/hand injury.

Doctson left TCU’s loss on Saturday at Oklahoma State with a injury that on Monday head coach Gary Patterson had no “update on.” That’s a tough break - Gary has no idea the condition of his best receiver.

Soon enough both of these players will be sweating the NFL and specifically the NFL Draft.

According to the quarterback rankings of draft prospects compiled by, Boykin is a fifth or sixth round pick. Doctson is ranked fourth-best receiver in the draft, and a first or second round pick.

I asked a long-time NFL scout about the prospects for both players after they are done with college ball.

“Boykin would be great in Canada,” he said. “All of that extra space where he could really run. That would be a perfect spot for him.”

And as far as Doctson, this scout said Doctson is at worst a second-round pick, and on the edge of first-second round.

This is all subject to change, of course, depending on the performances at Pro Days, the NFL Combine, etc.

Do not throw out Boykin as an NFL player, even if he does not fit into the classic pocket-passer mold.

Boykin is listed as 6-foot-2, which is generous. He has played four years of high major college football, won a lot of games, and done everything. Boykin will kill in pre-draft interviews. He will score well as an athlete. The concerns will be accuracy, throwing mechanics, and stereotype.

Boykin will be labeled as the great college quarterback that can run but not pass. Don’t label him yet as a Troy Smith, the former Ohio State QB who was listed as 6-foot tall and did not make it in the NFL.

Boykin throws the ball from a low angle, which NFL people hate. Tony Romo had a low release point when he came out of Eastern Illinois, but worked on that to adopt a more over-the-top motion. Romo still does not have a high release point like Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, but it’s no longer low.

Height is not the big issue. Romo is not that tall.

Drew Brees is 6-foot. Tyrod Taylor is listed at 6-foot-1. Ryan Fitzpatrick is listed as 6-foot-2.

Boykin having any success at the NFL level will come down not to height but whether he can land at the “right situation,” and throw an accurate ball.