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Now PETA hates Dez Bryant, too

The photo of Dez Bryant holding his new pet monkey went viral last week, and it enraged animal right’s groups.
The photo of Dez Bryant holding his new pet monkey went viral last week, and it enraged animal right’s groups.

Can’t make this one up ... Dez Bryant made the Seattle Seahawks mad and now PETA, too.

One day after returning to the Dallas Cowboys’ lineup for the first time since he suffered a busted foot, Dez Bryant is now the target of animal right’s activists.

Last week, Dez Bryant announced to the world that he had apparently purchased a pet monkey. Please feel free to insert your own monkey jokes here.

On Monday morning, according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, PETA is looking into whether Dez obtained his new pet monkey legally. No one in the media has had more fun digging up dirt on Dez more than Rapoport. PETA contacted the DeSoto animal control to look into this earth shattering matter.

PETA, and other animal right’s groups, are concerned that Dez did not obtain a permit to purchase the exotic animal. I don’t know this for sure, but the safe guess is that he did not.

According to, which is an absolute must for any pet monkey enthusiast, these adorable little creatures run about $5,000, which does not include the maintaining costs of owning a pet. Pretty sure Dez can cover the costs.

Of greater importance, this site also clearly states something that I have said for years when it comes to pursuing adding a monkey to your home: “First and foremost, the most powerful tool that will help you successfully raise a primate is KNOWLEDGE. Research all that you can about primates. Determine which species is right for you, and then research the specifics of that species. Educating yourself beforehand will prove invaluable. Understand monkeys temperaments, characteristic behaviors, and needs. This is the FIRST STEP in acquiring a monkey.”


Had Dez not put the photo of himself holding the baby monkey on social media, PETA would never have known. Also, it doesn’t help that he is Dez Bryant. He is a celebrity doing something that that organization hates - taking a wild animal out of its natural environment.

Whether it is a video tape that may have existed, a contract holdout, his Twitter account, a broken foot, or a rant against the media, the man is absolute ratings gold. If you are PETA, going after a high profile NFL player draws attention to your organization, and your cause.

The good news is that now Dez can turn his hate towards the media over to PETA.