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Sky is blue & Cowboys want to give Greg Hardy an extension

Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy has three sacks in his first two games with the Cowboys.
Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy has three sacks in his first two games with the Cowboys. Star-Telegram

This season has been a string of bad news for the Dallas Cowboys, but on Tuesday morning Jerry Jones offered up some wonderful news: He wants Greg Hardy to have an extension.

The leader of the Dallas Cowboys is on a one-year deal, but in his two games with the team Jerry has seen enough to want The Kraken to be a Cowboy for a long time.

The owner/president/general manager and assistant head coach of the Cowboys told Shan Shariff and R.J. Choppy on his weekly radio show on 105.3 The Fan that he agrees with vice president Stephen Jones and that he would like to give Hardy an extension.

Hooray for second chances!

The bigger surprise this morning was to learn that water is indeed wet. Greg Hardy is going to get a deal because Jerry and Co. simply don’t care and know even if such a move disgusts you that you are powerless to stop it.

Jerry will pay lip service about being sensitive to the issues, and take a few beatings in the press and on NFL talk shows, but in his mind Greg Hardy gives his team a better chance to win football games. The end.

Jerry stood by Hardy two days after the defensive end threw a child-like tempter tantrum on the sidelines in an effort to “inspire his guys.” Then he offered some lame crap about how Hardy is misunderstood.

Jerry also flatly denied a report from the NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport from Monday that said: “#Cowboys were concerned about Greg Hardy last week. He wasn’t on time Thursday, didn’t call & they called around. DNP for practice (illness).”

As to who is telling the truth on that one? Flip a coin.

Hardy is only 27, and in the prime of his career. The rest, for the Cowboys, is a giant box of Who The Hell Cares? Hardy can pressure quarterbacks, and whatever else he does they will defend because not many people on this earth can do that well.

In March, the Cowboys handed Hardy a one-year deal worth $11.3 million. His agent, arguably the biggest sleaze this side of Scott Boras, is Drew Rosenhaus. When the season is over, Rosenhaus will not have to put his client on the open market because he knows he has a taker (sucker?) in the Cowboys.

This is the same guy that orchestrated first and second contracts between the Cowboys and Terrell Owens. In the eyes of the Cowboys, T.O. had a productive run with the franchise because they won a lot of games with him and he put up some nice numbers. He was also a monumental distraction and fool that only the Cowboys are happy to employ.

As a player, Hardy has been good. He has three sacks with six tackles and has forced a fumble. It is worth noting he is 0-2 as a Cowboy while his former team, the Carolina Panthers, are 6-0.

As for the rest? He has been a sideshow clown full of tone-deaf remarks about “guns blazin” and Gisele Bunchden’s sister and her friends (BTW - sign me up for that), and then sideline antics that are at a minimum unprofessional. He is either unaware of his public perception, which he is not, or doesn’t care.

Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett preaches to his players to be boring because he hates anything that even looks like it can be a distraction. He preaches to do your job, and to be a pro. Greg Hardy is good between the lines, but the rest he looks like a man-child baby with a frightening temper. It is frightening to watch a 6-foot-4, 280-pound muscular man throw a fit.

His behavior is a talking point for the NFL, which the owner loves and the coach hates.

Whatever you think of Hardy is irrelevant. The same for Garrett, who has been around football long enough to understand exceptions are made for exceptional talent. And the Cowboys don’t care. And they will soon enough make Greg Hardy an even richer man with a nice, fat contract.