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In effort to believe, Mark Cuban sounds delusional

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban believes the trio of Chandler Parsons, Wes Matthews and Deron Williams is one of the best in the NBA.
Mavericks owner Mark Cuban believes the trio of Chandler Parsons, Wes Matthews and Deron Williams is one of the best in the NBA. Special to the Star-Telegram

The beauty of Mark Cuban is that he is unafraid to offer his opinion, no matter how dumb. He will say whatever he feels because the consequences are often relatively minimal, with the possible exception of an NBA fine or two or 455.

The more he talks the better it is for his own brand, and his basketball team.

In an effort to sell his team to a fan base that is not stupid, the Dallas Mavericks owner really out-did himself this time. The NBA’s preseason is coming to a close, and the regular season begins on Oct. 28.

Never before in his tenure as the owner of this franchise has the optimism and hope been this low before a season. The second-thought rejection of free agent center DeAndre Jordan sapped this team, as it should. No spin is going to change that, up to and including the following winner Cubes’ popped to the Star-Telegram’s Dwain Price:

“You take D-Will (Deron Williams), (Wes) Matthews and (Chandler) Parsons, they’re definitely top-of-the-league top three,” Cuban said. “So I think we’re going to be able to shoot the ball, we’re going to be able to run, we’re going to be able to pass the ball, we’re going to be able to pass-and-kick, we’re going to be able to hit 3s, we’ll be able to defend.”

We are to believe that the trio of Deron Williams, Chandler Parsons and Wes Matthews is one of the top threesomes in the NBA.

You will notice that this trio does not include Dirk Nowitzki, who at this point likely does not care what the team owner has to say. Dirk ain’t dumb, and he knows the score. He also knows his boss, and Dirk is loyal to a fault.

You will also notice that all three of these players Cubes’ mentioned is injured. There is a good chance that this trio won’t all be available to play together at the same time until sometime in January.

And you will also notice this statement is a ridiculous sales pitch, either to himself or his fan base. Say what you must about Mark, but the man cares about his team, and it is not like he wants to be in the middle. The execution of his plan after winning the NBA title in 2011 has been a disaster, complete with desperate signings and inane statements.

Golden State, Oklahoma City, Houston, San Antonio, the L.A. Clippers, New Orleans, Phoenix and probably two other teams have superior threesomes than the Mavs’ trio of the triage in the Western Conference.

Parsons and Matthews are two nice role players that need a superior teammate to play off, and to create space to score. When healthy, Matthews is a top tier perimeter defender. Both were over-paid as free agents in each of the last two offseasons because Cuban was desperate to sign guys after his top choices said no.

The addition of Williams is a low-risk gamble. If his bum ankles clear up, perhaps he can return to a solid drive-and-dish guy. He will never again be considered on the same plane as the Clippers’ Chris Paul.

What Cuban’s dynamic trio needs is an in-his-prime Dirk, or someone to command a double team.

I almost feel bad for Cubes’ – he finally had his post NBA-title master plan finally working with the addition of DeAndre, until the Big Baby changed his mind because he is too scared.

These comments are just Mark being Mark – saying whatever needs to be said to sell his team. You can’t blame him, even if it is preposterous.