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A Strong Win for Bevo; Boomer Loss for Stoops

Texas Longhorns head coach Charlie Strong got the win he needed with a 24-17 victory against No. 10 Oklahoma on Saturday in Dallas.
Texas Longhorns head coach Charlie Strong got the win he needed with a 24-17 victory against No. 10 Oklahoma on Saturday in Dallas. Star-Telegram

Whatever good drugs the animal docs in Austin are giving Bevo, not even the “good stuff” on 6th Street could have made the ailing Steer feel any better than watching his team finally get out of its own way.

The beloved UT steer could not make it to the Red River game with an undisclosed illness. My personal theory is that he was ducking the game because he was sick of watching the Horns’ lose.

“We definitely did play for Bevo,” UT quarterback Jerrod Heard said. “I hope he gets well and I hope the best for Bevo.”

If a sick mascot is what is required for UT to play so well, Bevo may be “sick” for the rest of the year.

With Bevo watching from a hospital in Austin, a bad Texas team pulled of its signature win, 24-17 over No. 10 Oklahoma. Surprising, but not unexpected.

Charlie Strong got the win he desperately needed and as for you Bob Stoops ... I’ll deal with you later. Losing to a 1-4 Texas team is embarrassing, sir.

Two weeks ago I wrote in this award-winning piece that Texas would defeat one of its next two opponents: TCU or Oklahoma. My logic was that after a pair of close losses to Cal and Oklahoma State, all of these highly-ranked recruits would get it together for one big win.

But after covering TCU’s beatdown of the Sooners last Saturday in Fort Worth, I started a Texas two-step away from that prediction. That team was an embarrassment to the great state a Texas.

“This was not the team you saw last week,” UT freshman linebacker Malik Jefferson told me after the game, who is going to be an all-conference player soon.

The team that played against the Horned Frogs was clueless, and was a glorified version of the Keystone Cops, only not as good. And after playing with their phones to Tweet at halftime in Fort Worth, they pretty much quit.

So where did Saturday’s performance come from?

“You asking me?” Jefferson said.

Uhhh ... yes. You’re a player. Is this erratic play simply because the team is young, and bad things happen to young teams in the effort to grow up?

“I wouldn’t say it’s because its we’re young; I’d say it’s because not enough people were buyin’ in,” he said. “I feel like people put their heads down early at TCU. Guys sometimes don’t buy in. Everybody today bought in, and it’s going to be like that the rest of the year.”

The team that played against the Sooners never trailed, it blocked, it pursued and it never lost confidence. Once it had the lead 7-0, which expanded to 14-0, it played like it knew it could win.

Texas has not genuine passing threat from its quarterbacks, and despite that it ran over the Sooners with the embarrassing total of 338 yards. UT even had production from beat-up QB Tyrone Swoopes, who Charlie Strong should be commended for figuring out a way to use this kid.

Not sure what to say about Strong’s counterpart, who very likely misses Mack Brown a great deal at the moment.

Mt. Stoops has now lost two of his last three games against UT, both of which his team has been double-digits favorites. This loss eliminates the Sooners at continuing their climb towards the College Football Playoff, and will certainly inspire the masses to wonder if his time is done.

He has been in Norman for 17 years, and some times a guy loses it. Stoops is not the equivalent of Kansas State’s Bill Snyder; Snyder is coaching in a place he himself created, and the fan will base will suffer a bit before sending him to the Coaching Guillotine.

The Sooners were 8-5 last season, and despite the impressive come-from-behind win at Tennessee earlier this season, Saturday’s result is not good. These things can ruin a season, like ... last year.

This time one year ago, OU quit after it was upset at TCU. Once it knew it would not play for a playoff, they shut it down. Of course, the Sooners did not have a quarterback. They don’t come much tougher than the current QB, Baker Mayfield.

Only four times in Stoop’s tenure at Oklahoma has this team failed to win 10 games, including last year’s 8-5 stinker.

His win in the Sugar Bowl over Alabama two years ago should be worth more than it is, but reason seldom has a place in college football. Stoops has not played for a national title since 2008.

Sooner Nation will not the suffer indignity of not being No. 1 like this for much longer. Maybe the mascot needs to get sick.