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The “thrill” of being mocked by Jerry Jones

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was in a highly entertaining, teasing, mood on Tuesday morning during his weekly radio show on 105.3 The Fan.
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was in a highly entertaining, teasing, mood on Tuesday morning during his weekly radio show on 105.3 The Fan. AP

Emboldened by his age, fame and crippling wealth, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones mercilessly mocked and ridiculed me this morning on the radio.

On his weekly appearance on 105.3 The Fan on Tuesday morning with Shan Shariff and R.J. Choppy, Jerry took aim at me.

During the always highly-entertaining interview, I asked him if the Cowboys’ running game, which currently ranks 15th in the NFL, has not met expectations, and if it needs to be better.

“I’m not as frustrated with the running game as you are,” he said.

Shariff then threw an alley-oop to Jerry, which he promptly flushed. And flushed. And flushed.

“And, of course, Mac’s opinions are all that matters,” Shariff said.

Jerry said, “Mac - who represents millions of readers.”

I am deeply saddened, hurt, and offended. My daughter might have heard that. I would never make fun of Jerry Jones. I would never question his decisions. And I would certainly never have fun at his expense.

What kind of unfeeling animal would do that?

(BTW, Jerry’s estimated figure of my readership is actually lower than analysts predict - it’s more like biiihhllliioooonns.)

My question was why not be frustrated with a running game, and offensive line, projected to be better than this?

“Did you expect (Tony) Romo and Dez Bryant in the ball game?” Jerry said. “Of course you did. We’re not singing the blues. We have to deal with the hand we’ve got dealt. We don’t have some of the guys we had out there we had last year. Let’s be more realistic.”

Read between the lines and Jerry is saying the running game will be fine, if they “can get them off of us.” The running game is fine, if they can pass the ball. The opposing defense must have a reason to back up, or running backs Joseph Randle and Darren McFadden will continue to see overly-aggressive eight-man fronts on every snap.

Before closing the interview, Jerry talked about the Texas Rangers’ winning the American League West, and again hit his new pinata.

“I love baseball. I follow the Rangers. Every word,” Jerry said. “And I’m one of the millions that Mac writes about - I read it.”

And, in a parting shot, Jerry made sure to add this zinger: In a loose reference former Dallas Cowboys’ receiver Michael Irvin’s uncanny ability to recite passages and verses from the Bible; that Jerry was hoping for a little help from the Almighty in the upcoming game against the New England Patriots.

“Hey, and Mac, you could try it once,” he said, “it might help your readership.”

Did I take the high road? Uhhhhhh ....

In homage to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith most recent ridiculous challenge to Oklahoma City Thunder All-Star Kevin Durant, I just said, “You don’t want to make an enemy out of me.”

This unexpected exchange is why I tell anybody that says they do not like Jerry Jones that their opinions will immediately change the moment they meet him. He is an impossible vortex of charm and energy that will make you a Cowboys fan.

Whatever I think of Jerry’s football decisions, it is impossible not to admire this man’s thick skin. No one can take a punch like Jerry. You can punch him, and then he will shake your hand, invite you to the party, and offer you a Miller Lite.

Jerry is also a guy’s guy, which includes mockery and ridicule.