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Josh Hamilton returning to his home away from home: The disabled list

The Rangers put outfielder Josh Hamilton back on the disabled list on Thursday with a knee injury.
The Rangers put outfielder Josh Hamilton back on the disabled list on Thursday with a knee injury. Special to the Star-Telegram

The Texas Rangers should just have a pre-made press release for the following: The club announced today that outfielder Josh Hamilton has been placed on the 15-day disabled list retroactive to three weeks from now with a torn/broken/sprained/injured .... eyeball/left ear lobe/hair follicle/knee/tooth/foot/ankle/calf/toe nail.

On Thursday, as expected, the team put Hamilton back on his second home - the DL. This time it’s a knee. This is only his third time on the DL this season.

This is exactly why I thought the club should not waste their time on bringing him back when it did on April 27 - it’s always something. At 34, it’s not going to change. He is so talented, and you want it for him, but his body is not holding up.

He has become a brilliant pinch hitter, and a completely unreliable every day player. Since coming back to Texas, he has played in 38 games and is batting .254 with six home runs and 21 RBI.

Since Hamilton broke into the big leagues with the Reds in 2007, he has been great, and hurt.

Here is a look at Hamilton’s games played in his career:

2007: Reds, 90

2008: Reds, 156

2009: Rangers, 89

2010: Rangers, 133

2011: Rangers, 121

2012: Rangers, 148

2013: Angels, 151

2014: Angels, 89

2015: Rangers, 38

He has missed 400 games in his career. Some of this total can be attributed to just taking a day off, but mostly it’s to injury.

The Rangers placing him back on the DL forces you to ask just how good this guy would have been had he not had so many problems, whether it was addiction or injury. His career should have ended in Cooperstown and the Baseball Hall of Fame, and the longer this goes it looks like it will just end with a career-ending stint on the DL.

Here is a look at his timeline on the disabled list since he was drafted first overall by the Tampa Bay Rays in 1999. His injury history is a delight for a doctor.

1. On Charleston’s disabled list with torn lateral meniscus in his right knee, Aug. 9, 2000-end of season.

2. On Orlando’s disabled list with a lower back strain, May 22-June 20, 2001.

4. On Charleston’s disabled list with a strained left quadriceps muscle, July 22, 2001-end of season.

5. On Bakersfield’s disabled list with back soreness, April 4-10 and April 19-29, 2002.

6. On Bakersfield’s disabled list with a strained rib cage muscle, May 7-16, 2002.

7. On Bakersfield’s disabled list with elbow and left shoulder surgeries, July 12, 2002-end of season.

8. Suspended by MLB for violating league’s joint drug treatment and prevention program, Feb. 18, 2004.

9. On Cincinnati Reds disabled list with gastroenteritis, May 22-June 3, 2007; included rehab assignment at Louisville, May 29 -June 3.

10. On Reds disabled list with a sprained right wrist, July 12-Aug. 11, 2007; included a rehab assignment at Louisville, Aug. 7 -11.

11. On Texas Rangers disabled list, May 1-11, 2009; included rehab assignment with Oklahoma City, May 10-11.

12. On Rangers disabled list, June 2-July 5, 2009; included rehab assignment with Frisco June 29-30 and Oklahoma City, July 1-5.

13. On Rangers disabled list, April 13-May 22, 2011 with non-displaced fracture right humerus bone; included rehab assignments with Frisco, May 18-19, and Round Rock, May 20-22.

14. On Los Angeles Angels disabled list, April 9-June 3,2014 with torn ulnar collateral ligament in le thumb...included rehab assignment with Salt Lake, May 2-June 22.

15. Placed on Angels disabled list March 27, 2015 following right shoulder surgery.

16. Placed on Rangers disabled list on June 4, 2015 with strained left hamstring.

17. Placed on Rangers disabled list on Aug. 20, 2015 with sore left knee.