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Big Mac Travel Blog: In search of a shark in the Pacific

Swim area in SoCal also implies Shark Area.
Swim area in SoCal also implies Shark Area. Star-Telegram

There is a strict code of conduct for swimmers and surfers that come across sharks - Get out. Now. That highly scientific and well-tested theory has been used and re-used around Ventura and Oxnard over the past few months.

According to reports, and talking to people on the beach out here, this is the place to be if great white sharks are your thing.

For the record - I went for a swim in these Pacific Ocean waters and am willing to testify in a court of law that I have seen no sharks of any kind. I’m not sure why I thought looking for a shark was a good idea, but I digress. (It should be noted for the right price I am available to testify in a court of law that I have seen murderous sharks here, as well. My testimony comes with a certificate of mostly authenticity, and I am flexible on my price point.)

Don’t ever let a little giant man-hating, man-eating shark deter you from swimming in the ocean. We can’t let them win.

For that matter, don’t let those little silly oil spills slow you down, either.

If you have never gone for a swim in the ocean, just go. If you have never gone for a dip in the Pacific Ocean in California do not expect a bath; unless ice baths are your thing. This is not the Atlantic. This is not the Gulf of Mexico. This is not the Trinity River, although it is cleaner ... maybe. The water off the coast of Ventura is a brisk 62 degrees, but it’s a dry heat.

And there are sharks.

According to the life guard that over looks the water just south of the Ventura Pier, whose name is Simon, a great white shark was caught off that pier about eight weeks ago. And about one mile south of where I went for a swim the other day is a point, ideal for surfers, where several sharks have been spotted in recent weeks; what is the drawing point? Not sure. I’m going with either cheap drugs, or low gas prices.

Simon said (Bang! That’s a winner) there are patrols that do their best to lookout for sharks, and when they spot them the only thing to do is to tell people to get the H out of the water.

“Personally, I’ve never seen one out here but my friends who surf say they will see them every now and then,” he said. “It’s not like you are just supposed to be still and they will go away. Mostly they don’t do anything but if you see them, just go to shore and you should be OK.”

Did you hear Simon? You should be OK. So there is no excuse not to jump in the ocean.

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