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Ex-Baylor player offers advice for TCU & Baylor

Baylor defensive end Shawn Oakman is one of the bigger reasons his team is ranked fourth in the first coaches’ poll
Baylor defensive end Shawn Oakman is one of the bigger reasons his team is ranked fourth in the first coaches’ poll AP

We are only a few short months away from November 27 and the Throw Down in Cowtown, Baylor at TCU. The winner gets screwed out of the BCS Plus 2, aka the college football playoff.

God willing this college football season will be as much fun as it was last year when the Baptists and the Disciples of Christ settled their differences on the football field. Even though both teams were royally jobbed to end the season, 2014 was brilliant theater.

TCU ended it by smoking Ole Miss in the Peach Bowl; Baylor ended it by authoring one of the single greatest gags in the modern era, and blowing a 74-point* second half lead to Michigan State in the Cotton Bowl.

This season has “begun” with TCU ranked No. 2 in the coaches’ poll and Baylor No. 4.

“I am expecting big things. The program has changed around a lot. I’m hopefully going to see them play in the national championship,” said former Baylor receiver Antwan Goodley, who is now with the Dallas Cowboys.

Yes, I’m sure national TV executives are dying for Baylor or TCU to be in the title game.

Goodley is one of three former Baylor players on the Dallas Cowboys roster, along with running back Lache Seastrunk and wide receiver Terrance Williams. The Cowboys don’t have any TCUers.

The “preseason Big 12 game of the year” ends the regular season, meaning there is plenty of time for one of the teams to blow it and reduce the game’s meaning to a meager regional rivalry rather than the national significance it could carry. Everybody associated with either program would love nothing more than for both of these teams to be undefeated when they play on November 27.

There is the small matter of winning every game until that final day. Goodley offered some decent advice to his former team, but it could be applied to TCU as well.

“You can’t look forward because that’s when you start worrying about something,” Goodley said, “just like when we went up to West Virginia.”

On October 11, 2014, Baylor defeated TCU by three points in Waco. The next week, Baylor went to West Virginia and lost 41-27.

“Those guys upset us up there; we were looking forward to the next big thing,” Goodley said. “Taking them light, I guess you could say. You have to stay focused.”

It would be great if somehow the preseason poll holds and both TCU and Baylor are undefeated in late November to set up the most important game in the history of either program. At stake would be a trip to the national college football playoff.

All they have to do is just not look ahead, and not lose.

(* Figure approximate)

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