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It’s always something with Josh

Josh Hamilton, here pictured in happier times, is headed back to his second home - the disabled list.
Josh Hamilton, here pictured in happier times, is headed back to his second home - the disabled list. Star-Telegram

Rangers manager Jeff Banister made it clear he was not going to be concerned about Josh Hamilton’s injured hamstring until he knew it was actually injured. Mr. Banister, just be concerned all the time with Josh.

With Josh Hamilton, the safe bet is to bet big that he is injured. So maybe just before the All-Star break Hamilton will return. Knowing this team, don’t be surprised if he does not come back until after the break - July 13, 14, 15. He will likely have go on another rehab assignment.

On Wednesday, the Texas Rangers put Hamilton on the disabled list with a bum hammy. He injured it when running for a fly ball on Saturday against the Boston Red Sox.

This will open the door for rookie Joey Gallo to extend his “brief stay” for an extended visit.

Since the California Angels gave Hamilton to the Rangers for a rake and a box of used batting practice balls, Hamilton has played in seven games. He is batting .254 with two home runs and five RBI, including a game-winning walk-off hit. Seven games ... that’s quite a run.

Hamilton’s injury is legit, but all this does is reinforce the fear that is attached to Josh Hamilton like his curly hair - it’s always something.

Hamilton is likely to play in the lowest number of games in his big league career.

Last season with the Angels, Hamilton was limited to 89 games. This will be the fourth time in his nine-year MLB career he will not play in more than 100 games in a season. A quick, and highly informative look, at how many games Mr. Hamilton has played in the bigs’ since he broke in with the Cincy Reds in 2007:

2014: 89

2013: 151

2012: 148

2011: 121

2010: 133

2009: 89

2008: 156

2007: 90

The Rangers were fully aware that Hamilton was going to miss some games here and there, and that a trip to the DL is not a giant surprise. He is 34, and has a history of “it’s always something” making it increasingly difficult for his manager to rely on that dynamic bat. Sadly, when it comes to Josh, just assume he’s hurt.

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