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FIFA scandal should put World Cup in Jerry World


In a revelation as stunning as the sun rise, the international governing body of futbol is corrupt. Long rumored to be as clean as the IOC, today FIFA was exposed as sleaze. Also realized is that FIFA is a pimp, and the World Cup is its best-looking whore.

Today, Swiss and United States’ officials dropped the international hammer on FIFA and exposed a massive scandal and coverup that should have far-reaching consequences that potentially could include the relocation of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Or it better.

According to reports, the 47-count indictment includes charges of racketeering, bribery, money laundering and fraud. No mention of human trafficking, so that’s a plus. If you can’t trust a governing body to cleanly run a sports league - NFL, NCAA, NBA, NHL, FIFA, IOC - who can you trust?

FIFA released a statement that said it welcomes actions to root out corruption. Because it really is good for business, and generally a lot of fun, to have your business and your leaders exposed as modern day mobsters. FIFA made it clear that the bids of the 2018 World Cup to Russia and ‘22 to Qatar will not be re-considered.


In June of 2014 I asked FC Dallas president Dan Hunt, who was a key figure in America’s bid to land the 2022 World Cup, if the U.S. should get that bid in light of reports then that Qatar had bribed FIFA officials.

Hunt said to me: “If the vote was legitimate, then absolutely Qatar and those people should have it. If indeed that vote was from ill-gotten gains and votes were bought, it should be moved.”

We now know for certain that the 2022 bid was bought, and the event should come to the United States ... where it should have been in the first place.

It had been rumored and alleged that the World Cup bids to Russia and Qatar were both achieved on bribes and kickbacks, which Wednesday’s charges confirmed. If these charges, and realities, do not force FIFA and the international business community to change the destination of at least the ‘22 World Cup we should all quit.

The ‘18 WC in Russia is too late to change, but there is plenty of time for 2022 to be moved. The human rights’ violations and atrocities going on with the construction in Qatar for the World Cup will convince you that absolutely no progress has been made in the last 100 years.

This bid should go to the United States, which has all of the necessary facilities and infrastructure to host another World Cup. Not nearly as many bribes will be required to make this happen. AT&T Stadium should host a World Cup match or two, possibly even the Finals.

“We were the one that was supposed to get that tournament,” Hunt told me in that interview; both he and his brother Clark were active in the Dallas and North Texas to help with the U.S. bid for the '22 tournament. They were convinced the U.S. was going to get one of those two bids.

Hunt also said: “If it is rescinded, I would think the U.S. has the chance to get it. We have the facilities. We have the infrastructure in place. There is building pressure on FIFA to take the tournament out of the countries that don't have the money to spend that money on their people.”

This just shows the giant stones on FIFA; while it knows a bunch of leaders and execs are going to take the fall, and it will be fined millions and millions of dollars, it’s not going to change the way it sells its most lucrative prize - the World Cup.

All of these WC bids, which include South Africa (’10), Brazil (’14), and now Russia and Qatar, were all bought, and Wednesday’s news confirmed the voting process as a sham.

Take the pretense out of it, and put the World Cup on the auction block like an antique painting at Christie’s. Or just call FIFA a pimp, and the World Cup its best-looking whore.

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