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The open season on Josh Hamilton has begun

Josh Hamilton, here pictured at his re-introductory press conference with the Rangers, can be expect to the source of massive criticism for a while.
Josh Hamilton, here pictured at his re-introductory press conference with the Rangers, can be expect to the source of massive criticism for a while. Star-Telegram

The Texas Rangers are still under .500, and the scheduled return of baseball savant Josh Hamilton — which I still think is not a good idea for this team — he cannot get here quickly enough for all of us. Not because the team will be any more successful with him.

Hamilton is scheduled to play with the Frisco Rough Riders over the weekend, and it is looking like he will return to the Rangers some time late next week. Can’t wait to watch. The Rangers are more fascinating with Josh. For everybody.

He can stand there and do nothing and we cannot help but react. He has that rare “It” factor of being able to be entertaining while far from possessing the skills of an entertainer ... kinda like Reality TV. When he returns, he can expect a cascade of opinions - mostly negative - from the out of town media. Locals, too.

During the Colorado Rockies’ game on Wednesday night, the announcers from the Rockies decided to opine on Josh, which was chronicled by the website, The announcing pair is Drew Goodman and Jeff Huson.

This is the transcript from the telecast on Hamilton:

“(Infielder) Howie Kendrick is gone. You can focus on that certainly. Also, the whole Josh Hamilton situation. A lot of guys around this club have said that they haven’t fully reconciled what went down in their minds. And a lot of players, not just at the top with Arte Moreno, are upset with Josh Hamilton that he never publicly thanked the Angels for paying him a ton of money. And he obviously didn’t hold up his end up the bargain, I understand he has demons, but he never publicly acknowledged his teammates or the Angels organization at all.

“And the Angels are still on the hook for about $71 million of the $80 million still owed to him. So yeah, if you want to thank anybody, that’s who you should be thanking.

“It became more about the Rangers bringing him back, and I don’t know if Josh Hamilton didn’t think it through or got poor advice, but in his situation, in my opinion, you need to spend some time apologizing to the Angels fans, to his teammates, and thanking the organization for what they ended up doing, not only initially, but sending him back to Texas.”

The Rockies’ telecast also included a graphic about Hamilton’s time in Los Angeles, which was not good. Was Hamilton relevant to the game? The Rockies were playing the Angels, so in that sense yes. The Rockies are seven games under .500, which means their games are boring for the Rockies’ fan ... if those are even a real thing. In a three hour telecast, broadcasters need something to talk about, which Hamilton provides even when he is in the minors, and has not played all season.

The opinion stated in the Rockies’ telecast is certainly not unique; a lot of people feel that Hamilton robbed the Angels, and then flashed his middle finger at the organization on his way back to Texas. felt the Rockies’ broadcast needlessly picked on Hamilton and did not take into the account the severity of his well-documented addiction problems. That may be the case, but Hamilton was zero contrite on his exit. He sounded mad about the whole thing, even though as an Angel he was a nothing compared to the five-year, $125 million deal the team handed him three years ago.

Ideally, Josh Hamiton hits homeruns, drives in runs and makes the spectacular look routine that prompts conversation. Instead, he does nothing and we still can’t help but stare at him, and talk about him, for hours.

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