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The Cowboys need to keep Brandon Carr

Cornerback Brandon Carr said Wednesday at the Cowboys’ golf outing that he wants to remain with the Dallas Cowboys.
Cornerback Brandon Carr said Wednesday at the Cowboys’ golf outing that he wants to remain with the Dallas Cowboys. Star-Telegram

The following is not possible, but if you can give it a try: Remove the contract in your assessment of Brandon Carr and ask yourself how you feel about his performance.

In March of 2012, the Dallas Cowboys handed Carr a five-year, $50 million contract that included a $10 million signing bonus, and roughly $26 million in guarantees. Since then, he has played three seasons and contributed six interceptions with a pair of touchdowns.

And since then, he also has become the favorite target among Cowboys fans. Carr does give up some catches. And some more catches. And some more catches. Don’t forget touchdowns, too.

In a single word - he has not been worth the cash.

His presence has been the source of constant speculation this offseason that he will be cut, or asked to take a paycut. On Wednesday at the Cowboys’ annual corporate Golf Tournament, I asked Carr if he expected to remain with the team. He said he wants to remain a Cowboy. That’s not exactly a yes.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he wants Carr to remain with the team, and if you read between the lines on what he said it sounds like there is a restructuring of his deal coming. Not a pay cut, but likely an “extension” that allows Carr to stay while lowering his salary cap hit.

Carr needs to be with the team. He has not missed a start in his three seasons with the Cowboys, is a pro’s pro, a good guy for that locker room, a mentor to young players such as rookie Byron Jones, and is a good spokesperson for the team.

If Carr had a little bit more help upfront in terms of a pass rush, he we would not look as bad as he has at times in his tenure with the team. Carr has been victimized by the lack of a pass rush that has demanded he hold coverage longer than most guys can.

Carr has been posterized more than once, most notably by Detriot Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson, and New York Giants rookie wideout Odell Beckham Jr. last season with the greatest catch in the history of mankind.

Even if the Cowboys’ pass rush actually provides a pass rush this season, do not expect Carr to turn into an All-Pro, or a Pro Bowler. He is a good pro, and a decent starter. The Cowboys overpaid him as a free agent, which is not his fault.

He is a good fit for this team, and should remain with them.

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