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Choo should be in the Josh Hamilton deal

A familiar sight: Rangers outfielder Shin Soo Choo in pain.
A familiar sight: Rangers outfielder Shin Soo Choo in pain. Star-Telegram

The following is pure fantasy but if the Texas Rangers are going to do what is being reported and re-acquire outfielder Josh Hamilton they should make Shin Soo Choo part of the agreement. One is an injury prone drama queen headache with a bad contract while the other is merely a horrid contract.

Bringing back Josh is another matter - right now the purposes of this rant are squarely on the outfielder who gets on base that is neither much of a fielder and can’t get on base. If there is any way to dump a contract this team should never have signed do it immediately.

From the start when the Rangers signed Choo to a seven-year $130 million contract two years ago I screamed this was an awful deal, and I told Rangers GM Jon Daniels that to his face: I would never have given this man seven years. Ever. We agreed to disagree. JD did agree seven years is a tremendous commitment.

My argument with JD is that a player over 30 is not worth seven years. Not unless his name is Barry Bonds and the syringe is sticking out of his rear end.

What Choo is doing this season is actually worse than he was last year, his first with the club. Choo is batting .104 with five hits in 48 at bats this season. That on base percentage? It’s .340. Rangers manager Jeff Banister has so many nine-hole hitters he can’t fill out a lineup.

In one-plus seasons with the Rangers, Choo is batting .229 with a .333 on base percentage. He has played hurt, and no one can fault this man’s intent, desire or professionalism. The bottom line is this is another example of a Scott Boras client who turned a couple of pretty good seasons into a fat contract because of a few eager, neophyte owners eager to burn money on players that simply either no longer have it, or never had it.

Choo is a nice, but limited, player. His range is not great, his arm is -ish, and since coming to Texas he is no longer a base stealer. He has three stolen bases, and has been caught four times.

The Angels hate Josh Hamilton so much they are reportedly ready to give him to a division rival virtually for free, and JD is not far enough into his tenure with Choo to dump him in return. Choo has been disappointing, but not a drama mama.

Choo is 32, and those prime years in his mid to late 20s are not coming back. He may bounce back to have some periodic production, but the man who was a decent producer for the Cleveland Indians and Cincy Reds has been replaced by an older guy whose body is breaking down.

It’s fantasy, but if the Rangers are going to get Josh they may as well throw Choo in the deal as well.

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