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After another TCU blowout, the Iron Skillet is burnt and boring

TCU Horned Frogs tight end Charlie Reid (82) and friends hoist the Iron Skillet after TCU beat SMU 56-36 in their annual game Saturday in Fort Worth.
TCU Horned Frogs tight end Charlie Reid (82) and friends hoist the Iron Skillet after TCU beat SMU 56-36 in their annual game Saturday in Fort Worth.

Not that anyone cares, but the Iron Skillet remains in TCU’s kitchen. Even though SMU looks better, and is better, the “Battle” for DFW remains a brutal beatdown.

TCU’s win against SMU on Saturday afternoon at Amon G. Carter Stadium featured a lot of big, long and fun plays as well as a final score we are numb to seeing: 56-36.

The Frogs under coach Gary Patterson are now 14-2 against SMU, and if this game did not have historical significance it’s no different than TCU playing Southern Miss. In fact, it pretty much feels like TCU against Southern Miss.

The current TCU players don’t care about beating SMU. Their priority is Texas, Baylor, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, etc., not a private school to the East that is not in a Power Five conference.

Patterson, TCU and SMU all care about the tradition and history of college football, but these two former conference rivals have little in common, and it’s increasingly hard to sell this to a fickle fan base that wants to watch a real game.

Here are three immediate overreactions to TCU’s win against SMU.

No. 1 Both defenses were bad, but TCU’s was less bad. TCU entered the game one week after shutting down Arkansas in Fayetteville but could not stop SMU in the first quarter.

SMU took a 16-7 lead in the first quarter, but in the second half the Frogs finally figured out SMU quarterback Ben Hicks.

Hicks completed less than half of his passes, but the most impressive stat of the game was that TCU kept All-American SMU wide receiver Courtland Sutton to one catch for no yards.

No. 1.5 No, there is nothing TCU could have done about the kickoff time against SMU. A lot of prayers were said, but ESPN delivered a steaming plate of 2:30 p.m. And then put this game on ESPNU.

Temperatures on Saturday reached at least 95 degrees, which justifiably kept people at home, at the tailgate, or any other place that featured a sliver of shade.

I cannot blame anyone for not sitting in this heat, especially those with younger kids. It’s too damn hot.

No. 2 TCU recorded the easiest Hail Mary touchdown in the history of football.

With 10 seconds remaining in the first half, TCU started a drive at its own 44-yard line. Following an 18-run by Kennedy Snell, the Frogs called timeout with three seconds remaining and settled for a long pass rather than a field goal.

Quarterback Kenny Hill lofted a 38-yard pass that freshman receiver Jalen Reagor easily caught in the end zone as no SMU defender bothered to jump to defend the pass.

An NFL scout in the press box commented at halftime, “I have never seen anything like that.”

2.5 Brent Musberger would be a TCU fan. TCU covered the 18.5 point spread, and is 3-0 against the line this season.

No. 3 SMU coach Chad Morris has an offense good enough to give the Ponies their first winning record since 2012. The defense is trash, which will prevent Morris from getting what he wants, which is out of Dallas and down to College Station. He tried to get the Baylor job last season, but that went to Matt Rhule.

Kevin Sumlin is likely gone from Texas A&M after the season, and the Aggies will want a big-name hire to fill that spot. Morris will need to win the West in the American Athletic Conference to have a shot at the Aggies’ job.

Mac Engel: @macengelprof