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Big Mac’s Mailbag: Readers sound off on Zeke

Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott is appealing his six-game suspension by the NFL, which is scheduled for Aug. 29.
Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott is appealing his six-game suspension by the NFL, which is scheduled for Aug. 29. Star-Telegram

Fan reaction regarding the six-game suspension of Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott has followed this complex formula: Cowboys fans believe Zeke. People who are not Dallas Cowboys fans do not believe Zeke.

Whatever happened between Zeke and his ex-girlfriend is a matter of great debate, but we know the NFL believed his ex while finding the player to be less-than-credible.

All sides, including the NFL and the NFL Player’s Association, look bad on this.

Nonetheless, it’s apparent that Zeke has a hard time avoiding trouble.

Accordingly, I wrote the best thing for Zeke’s life is to have the ball taken away from him, and to sit in timeout. A suspension may hurt initially, but be in his best interest for the future.

Readers reacted.

1. Mac, you spineless weasel. This isn’t just about Zeke, though reading your pathetic article no one would know any better. How about the scumbag owner, Jerry, who over the years will sign any and all misfits as long as they could perform on the field? ... Have some integrity and ownership in what you write about instead of being a mouthpiece for the Cowboys!

— Jim

2. Reminds me of when Mike Tyson was at the top of his craft knocking opponents out like the LAPD in 1991. Then the curtains came down on his free pass permit with his rape conviction. Bet you the night he supposedly forced his actions on Desiree Washington he figured, “Who you think they’re gonna believe? Iron Mike or Miss Black America?”

Wake up call long overdue Zeke Don’t blow your America’s team dream.


3. I have a problem with today’s column, “Timeout is long overdue for Zeke Elliot.” No, it has nothing do with whether he’s guilty or not. Rather, it’s about your use of a “source” and lack of details.

Was your only source, unless you had others and did not mention them, who begged (?) not to be identified and claims Zeke got a “free pass” in high school checked out? What evidence did this individual offer to back up the claim? Without these details, I have a difficult time understanding how you can say “because all he’s ever known is a free pass.”

His history here is known, but not being a fan of Ohio State, I have no idea what occurred in college (alleged attacks excluded) and I certainly have no idea about his high school history.

I’m tired of “anonymous” sources being quoted in the news and the claims being taken as gospel. If these people have something important to offer, they need to step up and publicly take responsibility for their statements. Otherwise — sit down and shut up!

I’m also tired of newspeople using these sources.


— Bob

4. Right on target, Matt!

— Johnny

5. First I want to say I am not condoning what Zeke did or taking up for him. A man should never physically hit or harm a woman. However I am utterly confused how if Zeke was not employed by the NFL at the time of the alleged abuse how they can punish him. If it took place while at Ohio that is where the punishment should have been enforced. This would be like an ex telling my now employer I did something before I began working for them and now they suspend me.

— James

6. A really great column. I’m afraid that it may be too late already for Zeke. He is a product of years of acceptance of bad behavior. He will go the way of so many boy wonders who were gods in college and never gained any maturity so that they cannot function in the much larger space of the NFL. College is for boys. The NFL is for men. We’ve all seen it many times. It is still true that “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Zeke has hopeless disaster written all over him. It’s a pity.

— William

7. In your recent column about “Mensa” Elliott, you referenced a “pool of scum.” It made me think that if trump isn’t able to drain the swamp in DC, maybe he can become NFL commish and try his hand at cleaning that mess up. He would be less dangerous in that job than the one he’s in now (I voted for the guy, but what choice did I have??).

— John

8. I can agree that some young student athletes are given passes at lower levels of school. The unfortunate problem is that for a young man to reach the NFL the term “student” is a must. Many hockey players and baseball players leave home from age 16-18 to apply their talents without the requirement of pretending they are a student. The hypocrisy of the NCAA is without limits. They make billions of dollars off of these supposed students. No painter, musician with God-given unique talents is forced to internship for relatively nothing (compared to gross revenues) to then enter a draft where cities and teams tell you where you are to ply your trade for the next four to five years at a fixed rate.

Imagine if you where the finest writer in America at age 18 but to ply your trade you had to go to college for at least two years and then someone told you that you had to live in some city away from your family for four years and you were not allowed to attempt to sell your talents in the free market.

In regard to the accusation that Elliot’s people publicized negative information about the alleged victim ... it seems a little fact checking is needed. It is my understanding that some if not all of the texting information was contained in the NFL’s factual portion of its report. If this woman chose to text information then her expectation of privacy is certainly reduced. Finally if Mr. Elliot is suspended based upon credible, reliable evidence then so be it. However your story does seem to be one-sided. Hopefully the facts will come to light for both parties and lead to the truth.

Until then we need not jump to conclusions.

— Maverick

10. Your article in today’s Star-Telegram was horrible! You professed a lot of opinions without any substantiation for your conclusions. You decided Zeke should be in a “timeout” based on a unnamed source, without any specific instances! I will not read your articles ever again, and I do not know why anyone cares about your opinion! You might have put me over the top for canceling my subscription,

Thank you

— Cindy

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