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WNBA star reveals the person she doesn’t want to disappoint

Dallas Wings guard Skylar Diggins-Smith averages 14.7 points and 4.4 assists per game this season, her fifth year in the WNBA.
Dallas Wings guard Skylar Diggins-Smith averages 14.7 points and 4.4 assists per game this season, her fifth year in the WNBA.

In its continued effort to establish itself as a viable pro sports league the WNBA moved a franchise from Tulsa to North Texas and thus far the Dallas Wings remain a ... work in progress.

Playing in the relatively new College Park Center on the campus of UT-Arlington, the Wings can be easily missed in the over-saturated DFW sports market. This is a decent, modestly-priced product that is going to need time, a player or two it can sell, and an owner who is committed to losing money for a while.

The WNBA is more than 20 years old but growing pains will continue. It’s a 12-team league; which is a number that feels right. The Wings are in their second year in DFW, and it’s evident they need time.

It’s better than it ever has been before but the struggle remains the public’s desire to watch women’s basketball. What the league has in abundance are players who are some of the most approachable, bright and decent a sports’ fan can find.

There are few any better than Wings guard Skylar-Diggins Smith. The guard from Notre Dame is in her fifth season in the WNBA and remains one of the top players in the league. She is what you’d want in an athlete.

And she was decent enough to sit down with me to answer the always fun Proust Questionnaire

Favorite place to be: Home

Favorite word: I can’t say it.

Least admirable virtue: Over-thinking.

Trait you admire the most: Hard work.

Guilty pleasure: Candy.

Trait in yourself you fight: Patience.

Favorite book: Charlotte’s Web.

Favorite movie: That’s a tough one. I can’t pick one so if I had to pick two it would be ‘Dirty Dancing’ and ‘Rush Hour.’

Greatest fear: Disappointing my parents.

Talent you envy: Oh, man. I have a lot to be blessed about. That’s a tough one. I’ll say singing.

Greatest achievement: Graduating from college

Most treasured possession: My husband (laughs) ... no, I’m just teasing.

Greatest regret: (At this point teammate Karima Christmas-Kelly chimes in and said, “Not having me on my team sooner.”) I really don’t have any regrets.

Best advice you’ve received: You do you.

Living person you most admire: My mother

What do you dislike about your appearance: I feel like if I answer that then I’m not confident. I am who I am.

What do you value most in friends: Honesty. Consistency. Loyalty.

What is your motto: Just do your best.

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