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Mac’s Mailbag pops with Mixon reaction

Fort Worth Star-Telegram sports columnist Mac Engel shares some of the mail he receives from readers.
Fort Worth Star-Telegram sports columnist Mac Engel shares some of the mail he receives from readers.

Time to share with my fan(s?) some of the prose that comes my way outside of social media on Facebook and Twitter.

Some people had some strident views on my thoughts about the impending selection of Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon in the 2017 NFL football draft.

Enjoy ...

“Is this the guy that hit the woman in the restaurant after she hit him?

“Ok I saw the video and she bitch slapped him and he retaliated with a punch for some reason some women think that they can abuse men both physically and mentally and it is ok. I promised my wife 52 years ago that I would never hit her but I expected the same treatment! I also taught my sons the proper way to treat a lady but Mac what I see on Facebook and other places is not ladylike! Was this a one time thing or has he done it before? Just some observations from a old man who does not understand what is happening in this world!”

— Jim

“Well, that's one take, complete with an insurance policy. But I guess you should stick to writing articles and avoid ranking running backs. Mixon isn't in the league with (LSU’s Leonard Fournette) and your anti-SEC/pro Big 12 bias is showing again, for no apparent gain. Best of luck with this one, or a Jack Nicklaus would rather say, ‘Play well.’

“How’d Kansas make out this year?”

— Brett


“Really? Another Joe Mixon story. You must bored. Ms. Molitor forgave Joe and wished him well. She also regrets getting $#&@ faced and pushing and smacking Joe. She did not deserve that punch but she deserves to be called out for her actions as well. There are cases of second chances all across our legal system, even in Texas. You need to move on.”

— Ron Davis

“Today’s article made me wonder::: it is well documented that cop’s wives are, percentage wise, the most abused group of women in the country. Have you ever seen an article reporting that. Wonder why? Because the only place to report it is to another cop. Needs reporting, don't you think? However, have a backup job.”

— Fred

“Once again... good article...good 3 bagger, almost homerun....(-:. The “gestapo” NCAA could stop this by implementing tough rules on players & coaches but they are too cowardly to do so.”

— Gerald

“Interesting and thought-provoking column on Mixon in Sunday paper. Thanks! That makes it a good column even if I don't agree with your conclusions.

“While I do agree such behavior is a HUGE problem, I know from personal experience from from observing literally hundreds of others ... that ‘true change” does not take place with ‘mandates,’ but only when a person ‘wants’ to change. Like REALLY wants to change, not just lip service.

“So even if the league, or an organization, or society or the feds or even a church is to mandate a certain ‘program’’ for an individual like Mixon or others whose actions clearly demonstrate serious personal issues, no program works unless a person ‘wants’ to change.

“And, for repeat offenders of serious offenses, the ‘want’ doesn't usually arrive until ‘serious loss’ takes place. And, even then “denial’ most frequently reigns (pharaoh).”

“As you probably would agree, beating a woman is really only a symptom of deeper issues of the heart. So, Mixon is highly unlikely to stop beating up on women until the true core underlying issues are uncovered and addressed. That kind of ‘own my stuff’ and ‘accept responsibility’ work can only happen in the context usually of a skilled person working with the individual who truly desires change.

“My daughter is a drug addict. At one point she ‘said’ she wanted to go through drug rehab. She went to a good hospital under good physician's care and dried out. But, once out of the hospital she did not do the requisite follow-up program to discover WHAT was driving her drug addiction — the heart issues driving her to medicate with drugs. The rehab was six years ago - she is still a drug addict. VERY sad. A life being wasted. But, she hasn't hit bottom yet and her biological parents are enabling her (financially) so she has not had to face the FULL consequences of her repeated bad choices.

“This situation is not too different from pro athletes. The teams ‘enable’ with the big salaries, and the player either covers up or the player/team buy off those harmed. Same deal as with Fox and O'Reilly.

“O'Reilly appears to choose ‘denial’ even after HUGE loss of his job. His choice to make. But he will repeat that behavior and get nailed again and again unless someone shoots him first.

“Same deal with Mixon. He beats women for reasons not readily apparent, as no man in his right mind would beat a woman. He won't stop beating women by passing through a mandated program, but by working with someone who can guide him to discover ‘core issues’ and healing of his heart along with changed beliefs. He can ONLY find this healing when he decides that such healing MUST happen for him. Why should he change now if a team will pay him big money and protect his behavior?


“A mandated program won't do it. Bottom line — this is only my opinion, of course — feel free to disagree - unless Mixon voluntarily seeks help and works diligently on identifying root causes (heart wounds most likely) and completing the work specified by his counselor, he will not change.

“So, a smart GM must decide if he wants to take on this troubled young man knowing with certainty that he will fall, and if so ...will he get sufficient payback before the inevitable ‘public failure’ occurs and the player is cut.

“The guy HAS to want to change - REALLY change. And, that type of change is very difficult to achieve and happens as part of a process that lasts for the rest of a lifetime, especially for someone as troubled as Mixon appears to be.

“Grace, buddy.....

— Dane

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Dak Prescott officially replacing Tony Romo, who had retired to go to CBS earlier in the week.

“You may recall a few weeks ago when I chewed you out royally about the column you wrote about some racist woman and Dak Prescott - or you may have received so many emails of the same type that mine did not linger in your mind very long.

“NOW, I want to compliment you on a very well written column in Sunday's paper, 4/16. Very cleverly written. Snide,my dear, very snide, but very clever. All of us who are wondering how Tony became Saint Tony when he has never really done much except kiss Jerry Jones' posterior on a daily basis and develop an exaggerated opinion of his own abilities.

“I wonder what sloppy Tony is going to do when he finds out Jim Nance is not the nicest guy in the world, will expect Tony to do his share of the work and ‘YIKES’ shave before he shows up for work.

“My personal opinion is that Jerry called in some big favor from the powers that be at NBC or money changed hands. Dirty work somewhere and that's for sure. I can't imagine this lasting long but it will be an interesting show while it lasts. Again, Congratulations. Well done.”

— Anonymous

And I wrote about the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers concert.

“watch your personal pronouns, man... children may be watching...”

— Bet Joy