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Mac’s Mailbag: Readers react to Texas bathroom column

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued a warning to the NFL that the league should not concern itself with Texas policy.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued a warning to the NFL that the league should not concern itself with Texas policy.

It turns out sports and politics do mix — like a giraffe mating with a penguin. If we can make a Labradoodle why not a Pengaffe?

The proposed bathroom legislation under consideration in Austin — a measure that would require transgender people to use public restrooms according to the gender listed on their birth certificate — is a sports issue.

The NFL and the NBA have gently fired warnings at Texas not to pass this law, implying if they do the leagues will not consider the state to host their marquee events. A similar law has been in passed in North Carolina and in response the NCAA, NBA and high profile entertainers have pulled events.

I weighed in on this with this column; it’s a law that affects very few with the fallout that the state could lose hundreds of millions of dollars, so don’t do it.

Readers did react ...

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“Read your misguided opinion today. Understand there is nothing genetic, biological or spiritual about someone claiming to be a transgender. It is a mental disease or in the case of some a perversion. You see I can’t say today I feel like a tiger and be one. Same with these WACKOS. You can’t be a man if you are a woman and vice versa. Gender is easy drop trow and take a look. So yes I rather lose events, concerts and whatever rather than bow to less than 1 percent of the population.”

— James

“I have never objected to perverts leading their lifestyles. But they are never content until they force it on everyone. You will look at me, you will do what I tell you. My lifestyle will be forced on you. Look at Hollywood, most of it can be traced to them. Like politics, you will be a socialist and they control the media.”

— Fred

“I agreed with your ‘Potty Law’ column. However, I think that another result of the North Carolina law was the ACC forced moving their 2017 basketball tournament from Greensboro to an out of state location I am not certain who forced the move, but the tournament has been in Greensboro for many years.”

— Anonymous

“I can’t believe the Star-Telegram would allow an article on the front page of the sports section that you wrote. I also can’t believe it would be OK with you if you were standing outside the bathroom while your daughter was using the bathroom and she walks out and a grown man walks out behind her. If so, you’re as sick as the queers are. Let the NFL and NBA go elsewhere if it keeps our children safe. The NFL and NBA suck anyway.”

— Charlie

“This article is not supporting God’s rules. You can say that this is a minor few in question, but public bathrooms are very important and we need to save (inaudible) as much as we can. We don’t need to make it easier, even if it’s a few, for sex predators. When you honor God you win. When you don’t you lose. I grew up in New York City and I know what it’s like to live in dirt and to get out of the dirt.”

— Tetter

“Your purpose is to write what you write from your perspective. Respect that greatly. I can only imagine how many emails you receive busting your (man parts). You must to a degree feel like Donald Trump? Can’t win for losing.

“Scripture tells us, ‘Righteousness exalts a nation.’ Righteousness defined as choosing to do it the right way. Scripture tells us to be careful to call right wrong and wrong right. Where does it all stop? How many times does the line in the sand have to be moved because business dictates or some lost soul dictates. What has happened to righteousness. What has happened to right is right and wrong is wrong? What has happened to the laws of the land? Trampled.

“So much more could be written but what’s the point. It is a country of free speech as long as your politically correct left wing and liberal. If your (sic) right wing and conservative your (sic) a hate monger bias and bigoted.”

— Tom

“This is for Mac Engel. I want to thank him for his article. I am thrilled to death over this article. It probably won’t make any difference but at least he’s trying. I have a gay grandson that I love dearly but one of his days if the Governor will probably have a potty in the parking lot for gay people. They are so ignorant. I am not, I am not with our government in Texas. Abbott and his cohorts don’t have any feelings whatsoever.”

— Anonymous

“Nice try — RE injecting some reasoned thought into what is an emotional issue. But this will be no-soap for most people. For my part, you could have used the Alamo analogy where Travis drew the line in the sand. Seems like the more we try to accommodate the fringe-fringe, the more fraying is found. Tolerance has limits and history has shown that the push-back is usually more violent than expected — think rubber-bands.

“The way it’s going we will soon all be forced to pick a side and then come what may. The NBA and NFL, etc, can mind their sports franchises and stay out of the bathrooms. My two cents. There are plenty of other sports to view or involve oneself, and maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

— Neal

“Thanks for your sports coverage, but I think you’re getting this one all wrong. This tango is not about ‘money.’ It is about morality, this country is on a long downhill ride of morals and nationalism. You got it right when you wrote this law affects “a fraction of a decimal point of the population,” should this fringe element be allowed to control all Americans? maybe the rest of us are quixotic, but you have to draw a line somewhere.

“PS God Bless Texas.”

– Richard

“I appreciate your column on the proposed bathroom bill. It is definitely not popular with teams/owners, and could have wide reaching impact on sports in the state. The CFP is this year going to award their next cycle of championship games, and this may impact whether Houston or San Antonio are selected. I also heard from one team executive that they are concerned that some sponsors may reconsider putting their names on existing events in state. Also SA is part of a competitive process to earn an MLS franchise, and this could give the league one reason not to select them.”

— Zach

“If, Mac, as you say, the current uproar is over ‘a toilet law that affects a fraction of a decimal point of the population,’ why is everybody up in arms over it? This should be a non-issue. However, as usual with these situations, whenever a very small group of snowflakes gets offended by a law or practice, the rest of us must pay attention to their wishes and change laws or create new ones. What irritates me is the way that the sheep in this country all join the parade and parrot what the snowflakes and their sympathizers say or do. The NBA comes out against a potty law, and the NFL follows along, and then it’s the NCAA’s turn to kiss the appropriate butt.

“Personally, I applaud North Carolina for sticking to its guns. This PC crap has to stop. Pass the damn law.”

— John

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