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A 7-year old loves LEGO Batman


Seven-year old Vivian Engel loved the new LEGO Batman movie.
Seven-year old Vivian Engel loved the new LEGO Batman movie. Star-Telegram

“The Lego Batman movie was SO funny! So Batman thought he could do anything by himself. The password to the Batcave was ‘Iron Man Sucks.’ Superman’s doorbell was his theme song. Batman meets Barbara and does not like her and does like her at the same time. The Joker thought he liked Batman. I loved this movie.”

- Vivian Engel

As you can see, this is a condensed film review of the new LEGO Batman movie, a spinoff of the highly underrated The LEGO Movie. LEGO Batman in The LEGO Movie stole every scene he was in, and now he has his own vehicle.

This PG-rated “kids movie” is likely going to be a bigger hit with adults than the children they bring, who are going to love it just the same.

Few times has a movie worked this well that is essentially a 90-minute commercial for toys. There are so many winning-jokes in this movie it will require a second screening to catch them all.

With comedian Will Arnett mimicking Christian Bale’s low-voice in his turn as The Dark Knight, the Lego Batman is the loner out to be a loner whose main goal is to play the electric guitar, and save Gotham.

His nemesis, The Joker, is out to destroy Gotham, but in order to do so he feels he needs Batman in his way. That he can’t be The Joker without Batman.

Batman, however, doesn’t want to be in relationships. As he tells a teary-eyed Joker, “I don’t do ‘ships.”

Batman has always had serious commitment issues, and unlike most Batman movies the LEGO version attempts to solve them. Because this is a kids’ movie, there is a message - it’s better if you and your friends and work together.

Batman eventually, albeit reluctantly and accidentally, adopts an orphan, Robin.

Eventually in order to save Gotham from a fleet of bad guys that include Germlins, the Wicked Witch of the West, Voldemort and a host of other evil characters from famous movies, new Gotham police commissioner Barbara Gordon and Batman’s trusted servant, Alfred, join the team to save the city.

That’s about all you need to know ... if that.

The script makes fun of everything about Batman, and virtually all of it works. Even when the movie slows, it never fails to keep you engaged or entertained. LEGO Batman actually works as well as if not better than the original LEGO Movie.

The 1-hour, 44-minute movie flies at a brisk pace to keep kids engaged, and between the variety of colors and graphics it never slows until the final credits.

There is no way there will not be a sequel to this.