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Retire the thought of Romo retiring

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo will be the most followed player this offseason.
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo will be the most followed player this offseason.

Jerry Jones insists the only person who knows where Tony Romo is going, if anywhere, is himself and that to suggest anything else is pure speculation.

This confirms that no Cowboys player actually has free will, and that pre-destination is made only possible by Jerry himself.

This reality has stopped no one in media outlets from New York to Los Angeles, to oddsmakers in Las Vegas, from speculating where Tony Romo will play next season.

There is no other player who will generate more speculation about his potential re-location, which includes everywhere from Houston to his couch. He has three years remaining on his original six-year, $108 million deal; the contract, I believe, will prevent teams from trading for him and force the Cowboys to cut him which will allow him to sign with a team of his preference.

Other teams know the Cowboys will not keep a backup with that price tag on their roster.

Thus, Tony Romo will leave DFW and the Dallas Cowboys, but if you are going to bet on him retiring you are better off to set fire to that pile of money.

According to the sports betting site, here are the early odds on Romo’s 2017 landing spots:

Houston 3/1

Denver 19/4

Bills 5/1

Chicago 15/2

NY Jets 15/2

Cowboys 10/1

Jaguars 10/1

SF 49ers 10/1

KC Chiefs 12/1

Miami 12/1

Cleveland 18/1

Retired 20/1

With the exception of the Cowboys, which would require Romo to be a Dakup again (I am copyrighting this and printing t-shirts soon), all of these spots have merits. Retiring does not.

Former Washington Redskins GM Charlie Casserly, who is now an analyst for the NFL Network, said this week he would not touch Romo and that he should retire.

It does not matter if Romo will be 37 soon.

It does not matter if Tony has made more money than 10-year-old Baron Trump, has a wife and two kids, and never has to work again. It does not matter if he has a slew of serious injuries that will have their respective say on his quality of life years down the road.

He wants to play because he knows he can, and NFL teams are desperate for quarterbacks who can.

How else to explain how Ryan Fitzpatrick always gets a job?

The final play of Romo’s career is not going to be a short touchdown pass to Terrance Williams on New Year’s Day 2017. The final game of Romo’s career is not going to be a glorified exhibition as the designated backup.

Sports will tell you when you’re done, and Romo did not play, or act, like a guy who has come to grips that an enormous part of his identity is about to change.

Romo knows he doesn’t have much longer, but he is convinced - just like the rest of us - he has more time. That now that he is healthy (again), this time it will be different.

And there will be no less than 10 current NFL GMs who are equally convinced Romo is better than what they have at quarterback. That if they block for him, he can still score points, move their team, win games and reach the playoffs.

That he’s better than Ryan Fitzpatrick, Tyrod Taylor, Blaine Gabbert, Sam Bradford, Jay Cutler, and certainly Romo is better than Brock Osweiler.

That Romo is worth the gamble.

Watching Romo play his one series of the season in the regular-season finale it was evident it’s still there. He never had a T-shirt cannon arm, but he can put a ball where he wants. It just comes down to whether his body can make it.

Between the multiple broken clavicles and busted back bones, betting on whether Romo can make it is the far more difficult gamble than where he will play or quit.

Jerry may be the only one who knows where Romo will play next season, but we all know No. 9 ain’t quitting.

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