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A to-do list for Rougned Odor to punch out

Now that Rougned Odor will soon have some time off, so there are a few more villians North Texas sports fans would like to see him take a swing at.
Now that Rougned Odor will soon have some time off, so there are a few more villians North Texas sports fans would like to see him take a swing at. Special to the Star-Telegram

We know Rougned Odor has a vicious right hand, and now he has ample time to use it, too.

The Rangers second baseman and middleweight champion was suspended eight games for his shot-to-the-jaw on Blue Jays outfielder Jose Bautista. Odor will appeal, but he is going to miss eight games.

During his mandated hiatus from baseball, Odor will need something to do. Odor may be from Venezuela, but he has shown he can serve Texas-style justice to one of the biggest sports villains around here in recent memory.

Before he comes back to the Rangers, it would be nice if he could deliver that now-famous right cross to some of the other infamous bad guys who have haunted this region:

1. DeAndre Jordan

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban would be first in line to use The Odor against the starting center from the Los Angeles Clippers. It was July of last year when the former Aggie agreed to sign a free-agent contract with the Mavs only to ghost Cuban and the Mavs a few days later.

DJ opted to sign with the Clippers, thus destroying Cuban’s grand plan to make his team title-worthy. Instead of Jordan, the Mavs were left to acquire Zaza Pachulia.

Rougned: Do your worst.

2. Dean Blandino

The NFL’s vice president of officiating has screwed up and rationalized more bad calls than a telemarketer. Blandino is the one who has tried, but butchered, the NFL’s explanation of what constitutes a catch; this includes Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant’s obvious catch in Green Bay against the Packers in the 2014 NFC Divisional playoff game.

On this one, I have a feeling Dez could deliver The Odor himself.

3. Shawn Tolleson

The Rangers reliever has been officially demoted as the team’s closer. He’s a good guy with big-league stuff who has had a wretched start to the 2016 season.

He has a 9.20 ERA and four blown saves. His teammates would never say it, but after he gave up four runs to blow the Rangers’ win in Oakland on Tuesday night, one of them would like to have given Tolleson an Odor sandwich.

5. Dwyane Wade

Outside of DeAndre Jordan, the next NBAer in line who should feel The Odor is Gabby Union’s boy toy. Wade’s disrespect and mocking of Mavs forward Dirk Nowitzki for being sick during the 2011 NBA Finals was classless. You don’t mock or make fun of the nicest superstar in NBA history — The Dirk.

If you want to Odor LeBron James for joining DWade in this stupid act, feel free.

6. Bennett Salvatore

This is the NBA official whose whistle was stuck in the “ON” position whenever Wade had the ball in the Mavs’ 2006 NBA Finals appearance against the Heat. In the killer Game 5, Salvatore called a foul on Dirk with 1.9 seconds remaining that put Wade at the line where he provided the winning points. In that game, Wade went to the foul line 25 times.

In the Heat’s 4-2 series win against the Mavs, Wade attempted 97 free throws.

6. Scott Boras

Boras should be Odor’d after he sold former Rangers owner Tom Hicks on that infamous, team-killing 10-year, $250 million deal in 2001 for Alex Rodriguez.

No agent in baseball has squeezed more cash out of a local team than Boras. The “top” four hitters on the Rangers — Shin-Soo Choo, Prince Fielder, Adrian Beltre and Elvis Andrus — are all Boras clients. Hicks had tired of Boras and had minimized his dealings with him. Owners Ray Davis and Bob Simpson are new to the game, so Boras has a fresh pair of suckers to squeeze.

Rangers management signed off on the deals, so ultimately it’s on them to give an eight-year, $120 million deal to Andrus that is laughably one-sided for a player who will never merit such cash.

7. Rajon Rondo

In the history of DFW sports, no one player has ever quit on his team in the middle of a game. After the Mavs gave up so much to acquire the point guard from the Boston Celtics during the 2015-16 season, Rondo quit in Game 2 of the first-round series against the Houston Rockets last spring.

The Mavs benched the free agent for the rest of the series, but you just know coach Rick Carlisle would love to have Odor’d him.

8. Randy Gregory

The second-year Dallas Cowboys defensive end was being counted on to develop into an effective pass rusher after the team flushed the failed Greg Hardy experiment. After an injury-filled rookie year, Gregory won’t even play the first four games of this regular season because he flunked an NFL drug test. The dude just seems to love weed.

9. Nelson Cruz

He’s a good guy who hit a lot of home runs and provided a lot of great memories here, but it will be a while before anyone here ever gets over Game 6.

No. 10 Jerry Jones

No real reason; it just feels right.

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