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Ezekiel Elliott needs to keep going for it

Ezekiel Elliott has lost his latest appeal.

That means the NFL’s mandated six-game suspension is reinstated. Which means we should all plan on Elliott starting on Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons.

Oh, almost forgot, Jerry Jones’ transition into a present-day Al Davis is complete with the word that the Hall of Famer is suing the league to which he professes his constant love and affection, the NFL.

“My dear husband, I love and respect you. Here’s a summons. See you in court.”

One day, the 2017 Dallas Cowboys season will make a fascinating ESPN “30 for 30” documentary. In fairness, no less than 10 such documentaries could be made about Jerry-era Cowboys’ seasons.

However this season ultimately finishes, the biggest winners will not be the Cowboys players or their fans, but rather their lawyers and accountants counting the billable hours.

At this point, Zeke may as well take his case to the Supreme Court. That’s an actual option.

Watching Clarence Thomas not talk and Ruth Bader Ginsburg hang on in hopes of a Democratic president so she can retire guilt-free might be entertaining as they debate the case of Zeke and the NFL Players Association v. the NFL.

Per yet the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Zeke has been put in the NFL’s timeout bin, which could cost commissioner Roger Goodell his job.

All three judges sided with the NFL. This does not mean the judges are New York Giants fans.

The court did not say Zeke is guilty of domestic violence. It ruled that an appeal hearing should be expedited but it terminated last week’s administrative stay of the suspension, which had allowed Elliott to play against Kansas City.

Unless another injunction and temporary restraining order against the NFL falls from legal heaven — which, given how this case has played out, we should not rule out — Zeke is gone for at least the next four games.

Falcons, Eagles, Redskins and Chargers, oh my.

His appeal is scheduled for Dec. 1.

If the Cowboys finish 2-2 without their best offensive player, call it a major win.

With Zeke, the Cowboys were 2.5-point underdogs on Sunday against Atlanta. That’s not going to improve.

Because the Cowboys, and Jerry, so defiantly believed their guy got the shaft from Goodell from the outset, they dug in to fight. The decision to fight rather than to sit immediately may cost them the playoffs.

If Zeke serves all six games this season, he will miss all but two games of the season’s second half — the time when teams are making playoff pushes.

He should fight the suspension based on the desire to play, and for those $560,000 pay checks. Nothing more. Zeke’s name is clean.

Judging by the overall reaction to this case, no one believes Zeke is in the Ray Rice/Greg Hardy stratosphere. No one believes Zeke is an abuser.

What people do believe is that Jerry is trying it oust Goodell over this ruling, and is suing the league to prevent the NFL commissioner from signing a contract extension because of this issue.

Reports indicate Jerry simply wants to tie Goodell’s salary to the overall financial health of the league. Given Jerry’s nature to pay no one except players and coaches, this is a plausible stance: that Jerry doesn’t want Goodell out as much as he wants to chop down his salary from the roughly $40 million he made last year.

Financially speaking, it’s a prudent request.

Optically speaking, this is a bad look for Jerry. The timing makes Jerry look like a control freak who is pouting and suing because he’s not getting his way.

Davis, the late Oakland Raiders owner, was renowned for such behaviors, fights and practices against the NFL. Whose influence did Jerry seek when he bought the Cowboys in February of 1989? Davis’.

For now, Zeke is out for at least four games and there is nothing he or his big boss can do to change it. Despite the appeal court date Dec. 1, expect Zeke to miss the remaining two games of the suspension either this season or next.

Given how far Zeke has taken this case, he may as well go before Roberts, Thomas, Ginsburg, Sotomayor and the other party animals on the Supreme Court in an effort to return to the field in 2017. Maybe five of them are Cowboys fans.

Zeke knows he’s going to lose, but his name is already clear.

Mac Engel: @macengelprof

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