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Zeke ruling against Cowboys is the final punishment for Greg Hardy

Ezekiel Elliott was always going to lose his case against the NFL. It was merely a question of when, because his league is now in the business of believing women.

How novel.

A handful of developments have occurred in this, the NFL’s latest butchering of a domestic violence case, and the Cowboys are going to pay for it.

Call it Karma taking Jerry Jones to the woodshed over his signing the worst of the bunch, defensive end Greg Hardy.

No matter, in response to a judge’s latest rejection of another Zeke appeal, Jerry told 105.3 The Fan on Tuesday morning that his star running back is a “victim of over-correction” by the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Please note that Jerry is now a graduate of the Bob McNair School for the Tone Deaf.

Jerry’s point about Goodell’s decision-making when it comes to domestic violence is correct, but it’s stupid to say that Zeke is a victim.

Jerry and Zeke deserved this outcome, even if it’s not fair.

As stated, repeatedly in this space before, the NFLPA blew it by agreeing to language in the collective bargaining agreement that would allow this scenario. Jerry and his fellow warden/owners blew it by agreeing to make a commissioner a dictator with absolute power to do whatever he wants.

There is no reason to dismiss Goodell from his position when all he is doing is abiding by the wishes of the 31 rich old guys (the Packers are publicly owned) who wanted him to be Police Commissioner Goodell and get tough on crime.

“The ruling has more to do with the scope of the commissioner’s authority and not really a bearing on whether Zeke is guilty of domestic violence,” Jerry said on The Fan. “That’s where this stuff gets so convoluted. I’m very troubled by the swings we’ve had.

“(Goodell’s) swing of judgment has been unbelievable from the Ray Rice thing from the two game (suspension) swing to six games (for Zeke).”

In 2014, Goodell suspended Baltimore running back Ray Rice for two games after a video leaked showing him knocking out his then-financée in a hotel elevator. Rice never played in the NFL again.

In 2015, Goodell suspended Hardy for 10 games after he beat up his ex-girlfriend. An arbitrator reduced the suspension to four games.

The incidents the NFL alleges Elliott is guilty of occurred in 2016. In 2017 it gave him the six-game suspension.

Given the evidence in the Elliott case that has been made available to the public, there is a reason Zeke was never charged with a crime. From a legal standpoint, this case is an L.

Goodell looked at the evidence and found what he wanted to see, which is an example.

“Institutions, in these matters really pertaining to domestic violence and abuse, have always been in the process of correcting,” Jerry said on The Fan. “They start late, are behind the curve, and then they really react and turn around and overreact. And then they come to the middle.”

Jerry is right; there are examples of this everywhere in society.

Zeke is on the extreme end. Even if he appeals this latest ruling, he’s going to sit six games. It’s a question of when.

Given how far the Cowboys are into this season, and how much they need him, he might as well file another appeal with the prayer of finding a judge who will rule against the NFL and grant him an injunction to play throughout 2017.

Zeke is going to lose because the system, the NFL and the NFLPA years ago agreed to never let him win. And the commissioner was tired of being called soft on domestic violence. Details were irrelevant.

If there is anything good to come from this latest example of alleged domestic violence is that a woman who claims she was beaten might actually be heard now rather than mocked, minimized, ridiculed and shamed into silence.

Unlike the instances involving Rice and Hardy, however, this Zeke case has no definitive proof. Don’t drink the Cow-Aide on this. Something happened between Zeke and his ex-girlfriend that would even allow the NFL to bring this type of suspension. Something not good.

In the off-season, the NFL and the NFLPA need to create a different “legal system.” The court proceedings the two sides employ is something out of Vlad Putin’s KGB communist Russia.

Jerry butchered the wording because Zeke is no victim, but the NFL has to find a middle for these scenarios.

It’s too late for the Cowboys and Zeke now, of course, so call it Karma for signing Greg Hardy.

Mac Engel: @macengelprof

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