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Owner Jones has failed Cowboys once again

Defensive end Randy Gregory is greeted in May by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who means well, but has become the village enabler when it comes to troubled players.
Defensive end Randy Gregory is greeted in May by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who means well, but has become the village enabler when it comes to troubled players. Star-Telegram

As a noted intellectual philosopher — I think it was Eminem — once said:

You only get one shot …

Do not miss your chance …

This opportunity comes once in a lifetime.

The Cowboys’ Randy Gregory must not have gotten the memo.

For the fifth time since the 2015 NFL Scouting Combine, the defensive end from Nebraska reportedly has failed a league drug test. Under terms of the NFL substance abuse policy, Gregory, who was already suspended for the first four games of the season, now faces a 10-game penalty and could miss the entire season.

He has a problem, and it isn’t just the drugs — it’s the stupidity.

To test positive at the world’s most highly publicized job interview, the NFL’s annual pre-draft combine, requires either a level of addiction or of arrogance that is difficult to fathom.

The college players at the combine know that they are going to be drug tested. They know that the door prize, just for following the rules, can be a rookie contract worth millions of dollars.

And yet Gregory, who reportedly failed drug tests twice in 2014 at Nebraska, chose not to attend the NFL combine drug-free.

This is not the forum to discuss the decriminalization of marijuana or whether it’s addictive. Rather, Gregory stands as stark evidence that weed does turn some people pitifully stupid.

Jerry Jones is included, not for the drugs but because he was the village enabler who thought he could turn Gregory’s life around by drafting him in the second round in 2015 and buttressing him with support help.

How many Greg Hardy, Tank Johnson, Pacman Jones and Rolando McClain types does Owner Jones have to strike out on before he remembers that he runs a football team, not the Betty Ford Clinic?

Linebacker McClain also faces a 10-game suspension for violating the league’s drug abuse policy. Defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence is similarly suspended for the season’s first four games.

And lest we forget, Jerry had to be talked out of drafting Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel, who’s morphed into the 2014 class’ Charlie Sheen.

Character counts. Jones has had far more misses than hits, including buying into the Terrell Owens would-be comeback tour, circa 2006. That dalliance cost Jones his head coach, Bill Parcells, and who knows how that might have turned out?

Jones claims to mean well, but it’s time to call his bluff. The main thing that Jerry really wants to reclaim are not lost football souls, but NFL victories.

Make it rain, eh, Jerry?

The Hardy signing backfired on him as well, and Jones found his latest head coach’s reputation caught in the collateral damage. Around the league, the Cowboys have become synonymous with shopping the NFL dumpster for wayward souls.

And why? Jones operates, after all, the world’s richest sports franchise. Why does wildcatter Jerry feel he has to cut corners when filling out the depth chart?

Yes, the Cowboys need a pass rush, and Tuesday’s news about Gregory deepens the void even more.

But this was Randy Gregory’s fifth failed NFL drug test, not his first. He is blowing what may be his one shot.

Character counts. This mistake is on the owner, who failed the team once again.

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