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Cowboys shamelessly rolling the dice again

Randy Gregory was reported to have failed two drug tests at Nebraska and tested positive at the NFL Combine.
Randy Gregory was reported to have failed two drug tests at Nebraska and tested positive at the NFL Combine. AP

Of course, we would expect Charles Haley to give his thumbs up to the Dallas Cowboys drafting Randy Gregory.

It takes a pass-rushing, bipolar psychopath to recognize his possible future successor.

The troubled Gregory thinks he’s found heaven after falling in the NFL Draft to the Cowboys at pick No. 60. And, amen, what is the first thing you do after you get to heaven?

You go to a tattoo parlor.

Gregory took to social media Monday to show off his freshly inked, expansive, full-star tribute to his new employers.

I have nothing against tattoos. It’s just that the timing of Gregory’s giant Cowboys star makes me wonder whether Owner Jones handing him $3 million guaranteed qualifies as good NFL parenting.

Think of the bag of weed, after all, that Gregory could buy with Jerry’s check.

But thus the adventure begins.

The Cowboys are beaming about their draft, busting their buttons for exercising restraint and not going all “Jerry” in the war room again.

“We did a good job having discipline,” coach Jason Garrett told the media. “We drafted an offensive player when we thought that was appropriate and defensive players when we thought that was appropriate.”

In the previous 26 Jones-era drafts, the Cowboys made 63 trades while the draft was in progress. Twenty of those trades involved first-rounders.

Even at No. 60, however, they are rolling the dice on Gregory.

It was reported that he failed two drug tests while at Nebraska. And then, with the most important job interview of his life ahead at the NFL Combine, Gregory was both dumb enough and weak enough to test positive for marijuana again.

NFL teams began digging a little deeper into his background. He was either late or a no-show for scheduled private workouts with a few teams. Reporter Jason Cole said on Twitter that Gregory may have “mental health” issues.

Gregory had been projected as a top-10 pick. The fall to No. 60 likely cost him around $10 million in guaranteed money.

That was one expensive bag of weed.

No problem, though, said the Joneses and their head coach last weekend.

“I think the first thing when you’re trying to establish the right kind of culture is, ‘Who do you allow in these doors?’” said Garrett. “You’re going to have a better culture if you’re bringing better guys in.

“If you’ve done that year after year after year, you can absorb one of these guys maybe more than you could if your culture wasn’t quite as good and if you didn’t have that quality of character on your team.”

You heard right. In Cowboys, Inc.’s eyes, Valley Ranch is the veritable southwest home of the Betty Ford Clinic.

In truth, though, the annual Jerry Jones Revival seems to have more misses than successes.

Haley worked out, sort of, though he remained a vile teammate to the end. But Adam “Pacman” Jones didn’t exactly make it rain Lombardis here. Terrell Owens also proved to be a waste of time. And Josh Brent had a DUI in college, prompting the Cowboys to give him another chance, but Brent again drove while intoxicated and the ensuing accident killed a teammate.

You won’t hear a concerned word, however, from Owner Jones. In the new Cowboys’ dialogue, troubles are shrugged away by Jerry, son Stephen and now Garrett saying something like, “Oh, we knew that. Don’t you think we knew the potential consequences before we ever got into this?”

It’s a brazen way of sweeping away one’s poor decisions, if you can get away with it.

The Cowboys knew the risks in drafting Randy Gregory, the Joneses and Garrett have been saying since the second night of the draft. Even Gregory’s lawyer, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, told potential teams to “prepare to have a support system in place that would be expected to include a security person and a personal handler who would follow Gregory at all times.”

Yep, sounds like a heavenly draft pick.

In the meantime, Gregory donned his Cowboys uniform for the first time last weekend.

His jersey number?

That would be 94. Charles Haley’s old number.

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