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School shootings are so common that PR firms are on speed dial. So when does God step in?

Not long after our latest school shooting, I received an email from an account executive at a PR agency in California offering interviews with expert clients in "analysis on shooting investigations, the mindset of a shooter or [how] victims cope with this senseless act of violence."

School shootings are such a growth industry we now have PR people waiting to line up good-paying clients with interviews to talk when kids are slaughtered.

By now no one is surprised, and maybe we don't care. Or we're just numb to the point we accept mass murder in open forums. Including kids.

This time, more kids were shot and killed at a school this morning in Santa Fe, Texas. Nine kids and one teacher dead.

Unless it's in our direct radius, we obviously do not care that America's schools now double as gun ranges.

#DallasStrong #ParklandStrong #OrlandoStrong #SantaFeTexasStrong #AuroraStrong #VegasStrong

So much strength here these days.

There will be crying kids. Tales of heroic teachers. Law enforcement officials.

Sadness. Tragedy. Questions. Explanations that defy reason.

And then we will be told to pray. Pray a lot. Pray hard. And to think. Thinking and praying will do it.

So, where are you God?

I believe in you and the Second Amendment. Millions of us do. And your son. We know you're bigger than us. We know control is a human flaw and a mortal fallacy.

You're in control.

Maybe it's as Bruce Springsteen sang in his ballad, "Nebraska," about a murderer sent to they electric chair, "They wanted to know why I did what I did; Well sir I guess there's just a meanness in this world."

Is that it? Is it just a meanness?

If you're in control, why another shooting in a school?

People should never lose their faith, but they should routinely question it. Nothing inspires an inquiring mind like senseless, inexplicable murder.

Since all things happen for a reason, we will one day know why kids were murdered in a movie theater in Colorado. In an elementary school in Connecticut. In a high school in Florida. In another school, this time in Southeast Texas.

And a slew of adults who were gunned down in Las Vegas. In Orlando. At Virginia Tech. In Dallas.

"The reason" behind all of these murders promises to be a remarkable explanation.

Of course, these answers will not come today. Nor any future day.

"I think we all pray in different ways, but the importance is for each of us to pray what is in our hearts," said my long-time friend, Eric Youngdahl, who is a Lutheran pastor south of Houston.

"I pray that God might provide comfort, peace and strength to the Santa Fe community as they struggle and wrestle with this senseless tragedy. No one should have to deal with the horror of a school shooting. I pray that these families not only know but feel that God has not abandoned them, but is present by their sides, mourning with them and holding them in his loving care."

That's what prayer does.

The rest is on us, and we're too busy screwing this up ourselves, thank you very much.

We have arrived at a point where mass shootings are so numerous PR firms have clients on speed dial waiting for potential interviews with the media.

School is almost out for the summer, so that should buy our kids about 85 days.

But too many of us are praying for you to handle it, in hopes that something will change as we do nothing.

Until the next school shooting, #SantaFeStrong

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