Caddo Lake gets help in fight against vegetation infestation

Fast-spreading hydrilla and giant salvinia in Caddo Lake have met a new enemy.

An airboat, donated by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department through an agreement with the Cypress Valley Navigation District, outfitted for spraying herbicide is now being used to kill the two invasive aquatic plants on the East Texas lake.

The use of the airboat was unveiled at a ceremony in Uncertain Thursday that was attended by state representatives, members of the Dallas Caddo Club and others involved in the project.

Prior efforts to kill and control the two aquatic plants in Caddo Lake have included spraying herbicides from smaller boats equipped with Go-Devil motors. The newly-acquired air boat and the Go-Devil-powered boats are expected to enhance the control methods. The Go-Devil-powered boats can get into stands of cypress trees where larger boats can not navigate whereas the airboat can cover more open acres with less effort.

It is estimated that there is between 4,000 and 5,000 acres of the floating aquatic weeds growing in Caddo Lake. Officials say they want to knock the plants back to where they have to go out and hunt for them.