Fort Worth man catches record sand bass

A sand bass weighing 2.17 pounds caught in the Brazos River below Possum Kingdom Lake has become the newest water body record to be certified by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

James Wynne of Fort Worth, a long-time Brazos River angler, caught the big sandie on March 28 in the tailrace below the Possum Kingdom Lake dam on a three-inch long, striped bass pattern Gummy Shad, a soft plastic swimming lure. Wynne’s catch beat the former Brazos River record of 1.33 pounds.

Wynne said he received a certificate placing his catch in the records book from the parks and wildlife department last week.

Wynne’s sandie was 16 inches long and had an 11-inch girth. The fish not only earned Wynne a water body record but also a big fish award in the parks and wildlife department’s Angler Recognition program.

Wynne offered suggestions for anglers fishing the Brazos River and similar tailraces, especially when using light equipment:

“When fishing for sandies during the spring run, be aware that you also are likely to hook into stripers and largemouth bass,” Wynne said. “During this spring run, I also caught quite a few largemouths and two stripers. One striper weighed five pounds, two ounces and the other weighed six pounds, 10 ounces. The biggest largemouth weighed two pounds, eight ounces.

“Records are made to be broken, Wynne said. “Find some records that are waiting to be broken and go for it.”