Some turkey hunters finding limited response to calls

Turkey hunters have had mixed results in the first two weeks of the spring hunting season for Rio Grande turkeys in the northern two-thirds of Texas.

Although many tom turkeys have been heard gobbling before leaving their roosting areas in trees at or after daybreak, many hunters say they believe high winds and occasional storms have made the birds more cautious than usual, limiting daytime gobbling.

Robert Cantrell, owner of Texas Outdoors in Fort Worth and an avid turkey hunter, offered another explanation for the limited activity.

“I have talked to a lot of hunters who say they think many gobblers have been henned up and that’s why they haven’t been able to call them in,” Cantrell said. “There have been exceptions [when gobblers haven’t been with hens and have responded to calls], but that’s what a lot of hunters have been saying. I also agree about the high winds. I think the winds have made hunting conditions tough overall, too.”

Cantrell said he made his first turkey hunt of the season on a Hood County ranch recently and bagged a gobbler with a 1061/27-inch beard and 1-inch spurs.

The six-week season opened March 29 and runs through May 11 in the northern zone. The bag limit for turkeys is four per season, from the fall of 2007 through the spring of 2008.