Broken arm doesn’t stop 7-year-old from training for The Cowtown

Lillian Pritchett had what you might call a hiccup in training for the Cowtown 5K.

The 7-year-old first-grader was out of her running shoes for two months and in a cast after breaking her arm in three places, the result of a fall from monkey bars on the playground.

“Not fun,” she said.

However, she was cleared recently to resume running and running she will do. Lillian will take part in her third 5K ever with her running club at St. Andrew Catholic School, coached by Shannon Irwin.

She will be among the thousands taking part in the Cowtown 5K and 10K on Feb. 24 at the Will Rogers Memorial Center. The Cowtown marathon and 31-mile ultra marathon is set for the Feb. 25.

Lillian will also run with her mother, Paige, a fitness exemplar for her daughter who has a box full of Cowtown medals for completing the annual event’s long distances.

The 5K is a good starting point for a foundation of lifelong wellness and living an active lifestyle.

Through the Cowtown’s C.A.L.F. program, staff and volunteers visit hundreds of area schools annually to train students in running technique and educating them about the importance of hydration and proper nutrition.

And, Lillian reminded: “We always stretch before we run.”

If she gets tired on a run: “I slow down a little bit, and we walk, too.”

The Cowtown has also helped thousands of underprivileged children with new pairs of running shoes. In 2017, officials said, the Cowtown awarded more than 5,000 financial grants and 5,000 pairs of running shoes to low-income students.

With a running role model like her mother, Lillian will likely one day increase her miles.

“Of course,” she said, she wants to do a marathon one day.

Today, her running goals are simpler, but nonetheless healthy.

“I get to hang out with my friend Katie and we get to talk a bunch.”

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