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Jerry Jones disinterested in presidential run, but “proud” to see Hillary Clinton earn Democratic nomination

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says he’s never been interested in a presidential run.
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says he’s never been interested in a presidential run. mfaulkner@star-telegram.com

Would Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones ever consider a run for the presidency?

“No,” Jones said, chuckling during a radio interview on 105.3 The Fan on Wednesday afternoon.

“Because I don’t want any publicity.”

Jones acknowledged the tongue-in-cheek response as he is known for generating plenty of headlines running the Cowboys. The 73-year-old has turned the franchise into the richest in the world, estimated by Forbes last year at $4 billion.

And the thought of Jones running for the nation’s top office doesn’t seem too far fetched in today’s age. Businessman and reality TV star Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee, and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has been speculated as a potential running mate for Trump or presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

But don’t expect Jones to throw his name in the mix. Instead, Jones expressed pleasure in seeing Clinton become the first woman to earn the presidential nomination from a major party on Tuesday night.

“We were all so proud last night to hear and see the first woman of a major party nominated,” Jones said. “The thing that I am impressed about is her grit and the fact that she’s endured. Boy, she has certainly had a lot of life’s experiences right before all of our eyes and they’re going to get aired out real good. You can’t become president unless you’re reminded of all of your background. Mr. Trump is too.

“So, you know, whoever … if that’s what they want to do is be President of the United States, in my mind, they’ve earned it by the time they get there.”

Jones made it clear that he would not endorse either Clinton or Trump for the presidency. However, Jones has always been of the mindset that a woman can run the country.

He pointed out that he has always told his daughter, Charlotte Jones Anderson, that she could be president if she wanted to be. Jones Anderson has blazed a trail in her own right, too, becoming the first woman to serve as Chairman of The Salvation Army’s National Advisory Board from 2010-2014 and being the first woman to serve as Chairman of the NFL Foundation in 2012.

“Not because it’s en vogue, but I have a daughter and I know what the women in my life have contributed to it,” Jerry Jones said. “If anybody has thought that a woman could be and should be [president] and practiced in support of that, I certainly would like to say that I’ve done that.

“I’ve always thought they were very capable of leading this country and I’ve told my daughter many, many times you can be President of the United States.”

But it’s an office that Jerry Jones has never had an interest in pursuing himself.

“It’s a hard job and it takes a lot as witnessed by the two potential nominees that we have for each of the major parties,” Jones said. “You not only work hard, but you give up a lot and you get criticized a lot. I didn’t want that, so that’s why I took up being general manager and president of the Cowboys.

“They’ve got to have some pretty thick skin.”

Jones chuckled at his own joke about criticism and thick skin, as he may be the most criticized man and may have the thickest skin of any sports figure in the DFW area. The Cowboys have gone two-plus decades without a Super Bowl appearance and most fans blame him for building what is usually a mediocre team year after year.

But Jones is optimistic about the Cowboys’ chances in 2016.

“I do get excited about some of the things that we’ve got a chance to do,” Jones said. “In my vernacular, that means getting back and playing the playoffs and playing in the ‘Big Game.’”

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