Dallas Cowboys

DeMarco Murray named offensive POY by football writers

DeMarco Murray was named the offensive player of the year by the Professional Football Writers of America on Wednesday.

Murray had plenty of support after being the NFL’s leading rusher with 1,845 yards and breaking Emmitt Smith’s franchise record for rushing yards in a single season. Murray also had an NFL-leading 13 rushing TDs and 392 carries.

“He had a fantastic year obviously,” Garrett said. “He’s a complete back. He’s a great runner, receiver, blocker, all the things that you want a running back to do.

“In many ways, he established the identity of our football team. The offensive line was a big part of it, [but] to be able to hand the ball to a guy again and again and again and for him to be consistently performing at the level he performed, I thought it was really, really impressive.”

Murray is a free agent, but refused to discuss his future after the Packers game and again on Monday. Garrett also didn’t elaborate on Murray becoming a free agent in today’s age when running backs are seemingly more and more devalued.

No running back, after all, has been taking in the first-round of the NFL draft the past two years.

“I don’t want to get into the business of things,” Garrett said. “There’s business that applies to coaches, that applies to players and we’ll get to all that.

“One thing that we’ve got to be abundantly clear on, this is a hell of a football player and he had a huge impact on our team. I understand that running backs aren’t getting drafted in the first round and all that kind of stuff, and there’s concerns about longevity with this position. But this is a great football player who made a huge impact on our team this year. He’s got a lot of good years of football ahead of him.”

Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers was named the MVP, and Houston’s J.J. Watt was the defensive player of the year.