Dallas Cowboys

Brandon Carr badly wants an interception after going awhile without one

Brandon Carr, shown breaking up a pass against Jarvis Landry, has had a solid season though he still seeks his first interception.
Brandon Carr, shown breaking up a pass against Jarvis Landry, has had a solid season though he still seeks his first interception. Star-Telegram

Brandon Carr paused when asked if he remembered his last interception. The memory brought a smile.

“Was it Thanksgiving? Against the Raiders? To end the game?” Carr said. “That’d be nice. That’d be nice. It’s been a while. Thinking about it all the time. I’m just trying to get one for my little man right now, so he can see dad get an interception finally, now that he understands what’s going on out there. Give him something to get excited about.”

In 2014, Carr did not have an interception for the first time in his career. He hasn’t had one this season either.

It bothers Carr that his last one came in that 28-21 victory over the Raiders on Nov. 28, 2013. Carr had perfect position on receiver Jacoby Ford, who ran a fade, to pick a Matt McGloin pass with 8:39 remaining.

“I want to get in the ball in my hands more. That would be icing on the cake,” Carr said. “…I’m hard on myself with interceptions. So that’s where I kind of base my season, my progress each year. We’re still working on it. We’ve still got some more games to go and get the ball.”

Quarterbacks have targeted Carr 51 times this season, and he has allowed 29 catches for 334 yards and no touchdowns, according to STATS. Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said Carr has had a solid season, but a shoulder injury has prevented Carr from being as physical recently.

“I think he’s played well for us. I do,” Garrett said. “I think he’s become a more physical player for us, and that’s helped our team. The way he’s setting edges, and the way he’s tackling is significantly better, and he’s worked very hard at that. I just think he’s covered his guys well. You hear me say this a lot: Corner is a hard position to play in this league. Receivers are good; quarterbacks are good. So you’re not going to shut guys down week in week out, but I think he’s competed well and played the cornerback position fairly well for us.”

Carr has taken on a leadership role this season, with Orlando Scandrick out for the year and now Morris Claiborne scheduled to miss his second consecutive game with a hamstring injury.

“This season has been a little different,” Carr said. “A little different role now that my other counterpart, Scandrick, the other leader in our room is down. I have to step up on that side. My leadership role and just the vocal and just keeping my poise day to day. Those guys are always watching you.”

With Claiborne out last week, Carr started at right corner. He normally plays the left side.

“I don’t care,” Carr said. “I just do it all. Wherever they put me nowadays, I just go and try to make the best of it and make my plays. I played on the right side before I came here, so it’s back home for me. It’s cool.”